The Possibilities Are Endless

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 18:52 -- hj
To some, school is a place to socialize and meet new friends,
To others, school is a struggle, that often leads to dead ends.
Some have dreams of becoming an actor,
While others dream of becoming the next greatest rapper.
Some are praised for being athletic,
And others are mocked and called pathetic.
Some come from great families and live an "easy" life,
But others may spend a lifetime trying to make things right.
Though we all live different lives,
We are given opportunities to help us thrive.
For some, it may be quite a challenge,
For others, it's nothing they can't manage.
I am nearing the end of an incredible journey,
But I know I do not have to worry.
I am looking forward to a new beginning,
For me, college seems quite fitting.
I will be attending college in the fall, starting a new journey to become a dentist,
As for you, the possibilities are endless.


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