My life is about to change


Brookville Hospital
453 Cemetery Rd
United States
36° 50' 22.596" N, 86° 10' 59.3004" W

The years past way faster than I thought,

I am almost an adult and childhood I fought.


Now I search for who I will be,

Stiving for my dream job you see.


A nurse who flies way up high,

In a chopper a girl who is no longer shy.


My job will matter  and make a difference to all,

My dreams of being a flight nurse always on call.


I will spend the next five years studying for you,

To be a hero for the injured and help with what I do.


So dont hold me back and dont even try,

I will achieve my goal and this why.....


My name is Mackenzie I am strong and true,

pick me because some day I just may Save you!





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