Reality and Dreams


Look at her mouth

At the thoughts that once filled that mind

The after math of a death too early

After all someone has to be the one to examine the bodies

All I want

I need 

Need some little more money

Some chance to be able to show what my worth is

Chance is what I ride on

Is it dangerous to be banking so much on scholarships in order to be able to live maybe on year not in debt?

It is

Is being the last voice for someone

Being the final possiblity of closure for someone who just had their world ripped apart

The person dead

Person, not just a body

Not just another case and another daily routine

Just this

This is my passion and what runs through my viens is the ablitiy to one day give closure

Is that too much to ask for

That seems so

Seems like it when college cost more then anything I can give

Like a dream deferred almost

A dream that even though seems unreal to reach I know I will get to

Dreams of giving the bodies that come and go a name

A name

My one job is Forensic Anthropology 

One goal since seventh grade

Goal that these moving fingers, these thoughts, this mind is willing to do whatever to get to that point of time



It's not the type of poem I normally read, but it was good. I found it because I was trying to find something with forensic science... Apparently you're the only person here who wrote anything about forensics... I would continue writing though because it was a very good poem.

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