the Sophistication

Of liberation of ones Meditation

 Contemplation and tribulations

With out limitations

On expressions or diction



Where steel hearts meet corrosion

And poisonous lips tastes a potion

A potion filled with deep emotions

Making standing still filled with motion


Where you diagnose yourself as a patient

And receive a dosage of poetication

Where silence brings conversation

Where the meaning is based on your interpretation



Where your mind become so Critical and analytical

That the unthinkable becomes the thinkable

And intellectual thoughts are at their Pinnacle

Where discrimination is at its Miniscule

Where the misunderstood are understandable

And disagreements are mutual


Poeticy at its best is when its Biblical

Because physical touch becomes spiritual

Because singular becomes universal

And every word is taken personal


Poeticy a poet’s language

Poeticy a poems standard

Poeticy is my logic and knowledge





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