Inside me there's a longing 

A desire to change nations

I don't call it a dream job

I call it an inspiration.


Born in poverty and abandoned in Europe

I knew early on the sting of neglect.

They call it "orphan."

I call it alone.


Finally, I was chosen, given the miracle of love,

Finally, I was wanted, I had more than enough.


When we receive a gift so magnifcent as a father and a mother

One cannot help but think of the others.

The other alone ones, the children that are no one's children.


And so, within me arose

A need to fight for the orphan, the unwanted, the outcast

A fierce need to protect, to cherish, to redeem the past

With the hope of a future.


My dream to is to carry children to their families,

To search this endless planet for parents for every forgotten child,

To be a voice for the voiceless, because someone spoke up for me.




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