The Amazon

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 15:01 -- aurorap

A lush green canopy teeming with life,

the rainforest stretches on for miles upon miles.

Sluggishly, it's lazy river runs through it,

colored brown from sediment upstream.

A bloodthirsty paradise, a plethora of living creatures

struggle between life and death each day.

In this ancient place void of civilization,

the murmur coming from the trees

is as loud as any large city.

Within this serene cacophony,

a lone scientist sits,

pencil scratching against paper, adding to the noise,

taking notes, recording observations,

sketching drawings of newly found life.

A howler monkey calls out from above,

another answers, staking out his territory.

The jungle produces a dull roar,

screaming, "Notice us! There is life here!".

The final unexplored frontier on earth,

begging not to be destroyed.

It holds riches untold - valuable knowledge.

Most hear it's cries,

far less listen,

very few answer.




I have always wanted to work as a scientific researcher in the Amazon Rainforest. I wrote this poem to express my passion about his very important place in our world's ecosystem.


Wow. Way to open my eyes to the beauty of nature and how we should keep it alive. The use of imagery in your poem is very strong and really does reveal the importance of nature. Nice poem. Keep writing on my friend! :)

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