To Dream Or Not To Dream

To dream or not to dream, that is the question?

I’ve heard the question, what do you do with a broken car

that you have spent so much money and time on

when it simply just does not work?

Do you keep trying to fix it?

Or give up and just buy a new car?

I thought of myself like a Venn Diagram,

stuck between the two intersections of the circles

contemplating whether to let time do its justice

or fight to live my dream.

It is said to live our dream, we must fight to surive.

To think of a job that defines perfection 

would be the job that defines

enjoyment, happiness, and content.

Nursing the young, old, sick, and healthy

is like fixing the broken car,

is taking a step further

helping people other than yourself.

Satisfaction is found between the lines

of a career as a nurse,

and that is a dream worth living.

Dreaming in the 20th century 

means dreaming with an education.

I am thirsty and hungry for knowledge

that will defeat every fear speaking louder than infection.

I’m a prisoner of emotions and decisions

left with a hammer in my hands;

but hammers could break things just as well as fix ‘em.

So what do you do?

What do I do?

They say dreams are constant and cannot be moved by the wind.

To fight or not to fight?

Maybe that is the real question.

But how do you forfeit the war

that you spent so much time and effort in

even if you’re on the losing side.

You don't. I don't.

With a strong support in hand,

and coultness possibilities laid out,

no obstacle with be too big or too strong

to push my dreams out of the question.

To dream or not to dream?

The simple answer is to keep dreaming

until it's time to find a new dream.


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