Torn between the two.

I have a friend who knows me inside and out,

and another friend who is still trying to figure me out.

What am I supposed to do?

The best friend who I love,

the love interest I always think of.

Trusting one is an issue,

But things change.

People change.

In the end you think i'll need a tissue

because of the hurt I might go through,

but as of now I dont believe

in the need of any sympathy.

Completely happy with us,

you should support and respect my choice.

I dont want to choose between the two of you,

but you're making it easier for me to lose you.

I might as well

just drop you both

just to have some peaceful growth.

Leave me be,

Ill decide who i want to see.

In the end, ill need the both of you

but i'm torn between the two.



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