I'll Never Work A Day In My Life


Hobby (noun)

an activity or interest pursued

for pleasure or relaxation

and not as a main occupation.


According to definition

my hobby cannot

be my occupation.


Here I ask why?


Because by connotation

my work must

be overly obnoxious.


We are a society

filled with hate

toward ourselves, everyone else,

and everything we do.


Our faces,

the several that we have,

all stare at our Smart Phones

but our generations IQ level

is slowly dropping.


Libraries are emptying out;

forced to convert

to Nooks and eBooks,

so we may damage our retinas 

with flashy displays

because flashing our asses

and chests just isn't enough.


My hobby cannot

be my occupation?


Fuck that!


It already is.



I'm hooting and hollering and cheering along as I read this poem. It made me laugh and smile and definitely agree! I adored the fact that you began with the word/definition and went on from there. The line "because flashing our asses/and chest just isn't enough." made me laugh and shake my head- because sadly we know it is true. When you spoke on the libraries I almost felt my heart break- I still try hard to not accept their fate, though I see it happening everywhere. I'm actually quite happy I've found someone else who cares. You live on and keep true to everything you've said here, remember: find what you love to do, and all that's left to find a way to get paid for it. Thank you for sharing this piece!



Thank you Rebecca,


I apologize for such a late response.  I have been working on my poetry and other forms of writing since I posted this and I'm happy that someone else thinks the way I do too.




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