A Story

A good story is like

a well made pizza

But I am not one

more for metaphors.

Stories… Define us.

Stories stacked built the Empire State Tower

New York and

the New Yorker, for that matter.

Stories move nations

to their mistresses,

freedom and


A story may service

a master

Or appease

a good Lord

Now, a story may be confined

To the cage of one-forty

But stories can still bring spring and apostolic hours

Apostasy, characters to power

Stories can crumble the elite or

Rock children asleep

A story should ache, to leap from page to page

Grab brushes, canvas, craft things so strange

That for awhile your ship takes in water

Your morals entranced

And meekly evanesce

Your pigheaded dense

let ignorance is free to graze

In elder pastures. 

A story should swing you,

Talk, like it wants to

Crawl, like a newborn species

                 Emerge a mutation of interpretation

Bridge the spaces between

Simulation and Stimulation

A story should take the last bow

Stories also must have endings

Ideally, not one abruptly


(Dream Job - Creator)


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