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You're a part of me that will never die Cause this feeling never fades, even with time Countless miles between us but I feel closer than ever Replaying memories of almost together
When I was eight I thought I'd be a princess and happy by now. Shouldn't I have subjects here to curtsey, kneel, and bow? I still don't have my mermaid tail or shiny fairy wings.
Remember yesterday Remember the old days Remember what we used to say Remember the plays
Blues about clues about moos with nothing but a scene of touch and the sixth sense of the sensation.
Let go of the past tonight, choose the future only you define, leave the old in the past and live for what is yet to be.  
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
It took me a long time to realize, but I have finally learned a lot about you, And that even though I thought you were different, your actions told me that you areexactly the same by the things that you do.
It took me a long time to realize that we all have things in our pasts that we are not proud of, But in a strange way, maybe these hard times are actually gifts that are sent from above.
It's so ironic how after heartbreak, a simple everyday item turns into the things that makes you fall apart, And it doesn't take much for every little thing to remind me of you, even though you were the one who broke my heart.
My first home stood by shells and sand alike. I passed the days and nights down by the waves. Home two had fields and woods through farms to hike. Our fence was long but I climbed all the staves.  The barn held horses, cows, and many goats. But Cr
Younger wanting to be olderOlder wanting to be youngChild wishing to be biggerBigger wishing to be thinner.Teen wanting a clearer faceClearer face wanting a better bodyPeople lamenting bad hair days
The canoe has a hole in it   Still we took it out so far And travelled all the coves   No one is in the houses  Only buzzards flying above us Time is owned by the trees  
In losing, but still finding In finding, feeling lostness In dreams achieved, you’ll notice  The unavoidable abyss  The chasm of the chase: ever yearning, never sate
Sometimes the old times start to relive. Relive until I can’t live. Can’t live because I’m living in the past waiting for the future.
Staring in the sky In this deep blue eve, Thinking once again Of those past gone days. Old patches still hurt my heart Scared pain threatens my way Oh am trapped in mysterious world.
I am always thinking, always contemplating problems in life I always has a thought, an opinion, or something to say Never did I falter for an answer Then one day she walked in And her eyes met mine
Just a Man You may be just a man, but when you're before me Your skin is marbled, your eyes are broken and jeweled
_SEASONAL COMPLIMENTARY_ ```From all of me @CLOUDNINE``` Wishing...
Here you are again, wandering around the block, with that smile you use to pretend not being caught up in your thoughts. Here you are again, but now, you're being brave. Notions pervade your brain,
[ ‘Tis freezing cold, warm bloods stained on the floor; with the memory of thou numbing into this fine veins; and skin where the cold shred its warmth.                                    ]
So What Would You Say If You Had The Chance... To Speak To YOURSELF In Your Younger Days... ?!?
In limbo here I lie, Trying to find an excuse, a reason to try, But as I think of the upcoming past, I remember that I am so not up to the task. So I crawl in my shell and hide,
a loss doesn't hurt less just because you see it coming a loss is a loss is a loss
Why now do I choose to read these words aloud? All can ask is, Was it really worth it? Starting to see now what truly lies beneath the surface And it makes me sick to think I’ve wasted so much time
Turns out you never loved me After all this time So I guess it's back to being lonely That's okay... I don't mind
I am from moving boxes scattered, littered on hallway floors From unpaid utility bills, arguments and slamming doors I am from tax return Christmas gifts and food stamp Thanksgivings
A bubbling, welling surge of words A trickling creek of sounds  A soft drip of movement A new hope,    The first floating note of an unknown song
Dear future self: I am you from the past. That's an odd thought; Right now, as I write this, I am in my prime.  I am the best I have ever been But I am only a version of you.
Looking toward the mirror Everything behind me Try to forget But it comes back   I am your scars I am your traumas I am your failures I am your disappointments  
My favorite color is the fiery center of a stove once it ignites, bringing a sense of familiarity of my grandma's cooking. The sound of the heat touching the bottom of the pan, slowly boiling the ingredients together.
If I could change times arrows course, I’d hastily retreat it many a face To sail beyond your hearts remorse In search of the pain each morn embraced.
I miss the simple things like my ex-girlfriends kiss ! The touch of her lips and her SHAPELY Tits !!! But I don't miss THIS ! Emotional tricks just to give me a kick
When your past is unforgiving, Your future is unspoken, And your present in unbearable, Just remember I am here for you
One day, I’d like to go In search of my past,   Of the memories Of a misspent youth;   I cry for my souvenirs, I dream of a beautiful future,   Where I can atone
  Soon, I’ll sleep again, I will feel no pain,   For a little time, Peace will be all mine,   My mind will seek Freedom from the past,   I’ll be carefree,
15 June 9:54 AM I do not like the present so I live in the past A culture that had its troubles but did its best to over come until the last
Upon this dusty track I roam to see what I will see What will come and what has been, all that time brings And on this trip I laid my sight on an old worn memory Of two children who were young and full of  innocence
New Year's Eve, two thousand twelve. A night full of hope, joy, wonder, but I was all alone. My father, asleep, too angry to stay awake. My mother, drunk, too careless to remember her children.
Once, I played alone in my head, Not a worry in sight.   That was a distance memory, A dream I think back on while lying alone in the dark. What that really me?   That carefree little girl
  there’s this girl i used to know. her name flows blue inside of me- she was so afraid to show, who she once was in front of me-  
crack, smack, punk I heard him hit you for the last time  crack, smack, punk  God, how dare you hit your wife, a crime  thwack, whip, punk  Your kids are frozen in shock, just one room over 
When You dig a hole, where does the dirt go? And do You dig it fast or do You dig it slow? In the end, a hole is a hole But once You are in, it is time to console.   To get out of the hole, here is a clue:
heres to every lover i ever had, or almost had. dear lover,  
I was hanging on by a thread, Fear grasped on to me I hyperventilated, thinking of it made me sweat. I was never strong enough, Bold enough, Courageous enough, To leave the cage I was bound to.
For years I have always feared my past The one man who shaped who am  Today for I am someone who will last And stay strong I have never thought about ever moving on I was disappointed with who I came from
Your flame-seared name... It burns... When I learned of you, Dear Flame, The games you play, The hearts you slay, When I found this out All thoughts of you Just went away
She laid snugly in her bed as if she had nothing to do. She peered out her glass window
I was afraid to be heard. Afraid to be spoken to or with. I was supposed to be the loudest in the room, and yet I was the quietest.  I feared fear itself, It feasted on my brain and my thoughts
Oh my heavy heart Racing heart Defeated heart.   Knees weak Eyes bleak   And oh how desperately I seek,
Memories are funny little things, Neatly filed away and tucked into little manilla folders in the back of your mind, Watching,Waiting, For just the wrong time.They slip;
Perspective makes us active that´s what outlooks does to you isn´t that true obviously  you don´t have a clue well now I argue life is too short to just always think and sink into
Don´t stop Don´t drop   Keep goin on even when live tries to strive after luck don´t you see it looks like a Puck   Don´t stop Don´t drop   there is an answer
and the sun rose in the west today because it thought the world was dead. but it is alive because I woke up this morning and breathed.  and you know, I have always wondered what is death to the mortician?
There lies a way of forgetting your past, Its a big secret with hollow in its mass. Moving on is the only solution they say, I wave you to make your soul ride in its way. To break all the tyres and follow up your way,
The doorman stood lanky and tallWith a suspicious eye that watched over allHe stood only three steps from me And I thought and I asked what it's like to be free
To Realize August 30, 2018 ~ Thursday They work hard every day to break you So you have nothing left to go back to Only forward
I want to genuinely smile and have real friends that make me laugh.. Even more than that - I really want to get my life back on track... But it's hard to have hope for the future - cause I just can't let go of the past....
I am shattered glass I am shards covering the floor Fools throw Elmers glue at me I stare in disbelief Elmer's glue
I am shattered glass I am shards covering the floor Fools throw Elmers glue at me I stare in disbelief Elmer's glue
‘Mother! I’m home, I’ve gotten the correspondence from Lord Heathers.’ Another sip from whatever drink I was given Tsk! Filth amongst the crowd, something I’ve learnt to sense
When I was a kidI always had this weird obsession with band-aidsThey're as close as I could get to the stickersMy parents wouldn't buy me
Without poetry I would be dead Because I kept hearing voices inside my head No one cared about the pain I carried Everyone would tell me to keep my feelings buried
Life exists before we do And before life exists the Earth And even before the Earth there is more, much much more More than any person or animal can comprehend In all of it, there is a lesson  
Reminiscing to learn from the past, to live in nostalgia, it doesn't last. The world's a stage, you're a part of the cast, they say have patience, but the world is so fast, to live in nostalgia, it doesn't last.
Burn Everything's burning From the fire to the flames To the ashes it crumbles to pieces
Anterior View of a Fragile Abdomen By Emma Roy Inspired by Monica Ong documentary poetry “Silent Anatomies” ***Please note the media attached is the original version of the poem
My mirror is a liar and a cheat. I look at the mirror and see that the reflection is not mine. I’m not as old as this man. His hair is greying and his beard is gray. He is wearing glasses just so he can see. Who is this man?
I never feel like I belong anywhere and I always feel as though I'm in someone else's space.  I don't think this is the way I am suppose feel, I miss being secure and stable in the person I was.
nobody sees me nobody hears me swear I've been screaming tell me I'm dreaming tired of running away from my mind somebody help me stop pressing rewind
I settled into the porcelain coffin, tiny bubbles and waves rippling, cascading over the past and the present.   My feet rose with the crack, an existential break in the mold of
My heart used to be whole. But now it’s ripped apart, It feels physically broken. Will it ever heal?   My joy used to be full. But now it’s disappeared, It seems out of reach.
It follows us, mockingly Ever remembering Persistent, a most ruinous companion It’s funny, isn’t it? Our past And this little game we play
I look into my past through old poems. each yellowing page telling another story of that sadness; dark and full of worry. I read and learn from them now;
I have found the story Of a young girl who thought she knew the world, Idealistic and overly-praised as she was, Running free as her wild ocean eyes.   I have found the story
Hurry up and cross the bridge to the future and leave the hell your in fast, Before the fire consumes the bridge to your future and my past, If you can't remember what they created,
It was a breath Of fresh air Taking off The words Of him Of her Of them And cloaking myself
Dear Time,   When we first met, I was stricken by your tall body, towering over mine. Your silky whispers make me shy,  
Dear Past Me, 
At times I wonder Where I'm headed in this world.   Where is my place?   In an office, the monotony of keyboards? In a bus, a vagrant of burnt-out success?   Or among the stars above me,
Dear Past Me,        I know growing up has been a little difficult for you. You've dealt with so much at such a young age, and for that I am sorry. I know how it feels to be surrounded by 
Dear Past Me,   I'm sorry.  I'm so incredibly sorry For what you went through, For how you were treated.  You should have never accepted  What they were giving you.
To my past self,  for whom I feel the utmost    Pain Pride Peace.   If I met you now, I would break.   Let tears for you, Let you find the warmth in me now,
Dear myself four years prior, a time oh so dire. Acceptance and status were key.     If I could turn back the clock-
Dear Sister,   The first time we met  You were 5 He was 7 I was 1   There were two sets of parents One for y’all One for me Full sets, 2 in each  
Dear Inner Voice,   It’s been years Since you’ve been here Reminding me of my fears That was made clear Now you’re back Ready to attack My sanity And create calamity
Here we are looking to each other  Past to Future Though I cannot see your ace I know you will listen   You look to me Dream of me And I think of you! Sometimes...  
Dear Little Kaylee, If only you knew what your future holds, Your accomplishments, your heartbreaks, Your best and worst moments. You will encounter hardships, But they will shape your character
I do not hate you. I used to think so, in the darkest hours Of the night, with salt in my mouth And wet streaks on my cheeks But now, removed I think only of the times we shared Laughs and kisses
Dear Old Me, Hello back there. It's me, your future self. Go sit down, Prepare to frown But know it won't last long. I know you are So innocent, Though you may be rotten.
Dear Future Self,   Do you remember the beat The thumping of feet Up and down the halls In and out of classrooms
Present in class, under the antiseptic light of the lecture hall my words infect the air, and my fat brass opinion dissipates into discussion. The next hand raises
Dear Grandma, I'm doing fine. Thanks. How are you? ... How long has it been since I last wrote? Couple weeks. yeah. ... huh? ... Like really wrote?
Pass that class Apply for college Gain more weight Still get acne Question yourself Question your morals Have regrets Forgive yourself Improve yourself Love yourself
When you look back at when those pictures were taken, it seems they were just a window of Time. doesn't care about friends or Connecting. with others is usually
great uncle:I would like tothank you forTea. It is asimpleitem, yetcomplex in mymind,Tea.
Dear Past Me, It’s been a while, Since I was so young and wouldn’t ceist my senseless smile.
Listen, kid. What I'm about to say is important, so put the book down for once. I know you don't like looking people in the eye when they're talking to you, and neither do I.
Do not ask her why her first shot of tequila was so easy to take. The burn does not compare to her past.
I long to see your face, To hear your voice, But that will never be the case.   I want to pull you into an embrace, Squeeze you tight, For all the negatives to be erased.  
Hey there dad do you remember me? I’m your daughter, the one you raised but never come and see.  I remember when I was growing up you would’ve never left my side. 
I don’t know why I say the things I do. Why I continue to put myself out there after all I’ve been through. I guess I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic some would say.. I believe in true love and hope to find it one day. 
Dear Jarrod, I don’t know if I hurt you I might never know. But still… I am sorry. Sorry that I lost a friendship so precious, so pure. That I couldn’t have been better, clearer, less confusing
Dear Past Me, You are only just beginning a long and tiring journey to find who you are and to let go of who you never truly were.   It is a journey that will wear you down to your core until you are struggling
Dear Future Self,
I will never say that I didn't need you. I will never say that you were bad. I will never say that I felt alone when I was with you. I will never say that you didn't change me.
Dear Past,  
look, i never meant to hurt you  i never even meant to care i've been hurt too many times before  honestly i think we've all been there.  i never meant to scare you, to tell you about my past.
  I am afraid of the dark and falling and those shadows you see in the corner of your eye. And all of these fears probably stem from that time when I was young,
I reside in a nest of twigs There is a spot on the bed Next to you My nest snaps under my weight The twigs They punture my back   You are worlds away And I 
What good is it to first love you When love was never dealt? Why should I seek to put you first If the same has not been felt?   But who am I to make that call, And desire to receive,
The first time i heard the words ´i love you´ was also the first time i saw my mother cry the way this person told me´i love you´ made it sound as if they were telling the truth
Love is not tears Manipulation or jeers Nor is it lies and coercion. Love does not hurt
  I lost my life to a familiar face, He went by the name, Past. He shot me down with bitter memories. He poisoned me with lies.
There is a veil over my eyes,One thick, and made of fog,Made of years of sighs,And risen from a malodorous bog,  
If you wait for your destiny,Then your destiny will be to wait.  
Tell me you love me I'll say the same Trust me with your heart I'll trust you with mine Never sugarcoat And I'll do the same Promise to never hurt me Never raise a hand
You taught me to wait Because you said I love you back You taught me that it was okay to accept apologies When your actions were like a song stuck on a broken track.   Because I loved you  
Once upon a time...   There was a young couple with too many kids: Poor Isaac, Miss Sue, and sadly, young Sid. The three of them had never enough to eat. Momma didn't know what to do or who to meet.
Count the stars the small latterns that line the sky to help the moon light the path to tomorrow, as you try and walk away the sorrows. Wander aimlessly,  searching for something that is lost
Once upon a Season Fall, perhaps it was? Year of fifteen Although the sun shone, the leaves fell And so did I. What I thought was a bliss was when things became amiss
his eyes were mine,they held the sea and the sun.making my heart explode his eyes never showed me lovebecause they were in love with another.
how do you write about silence? how do you write about sadness? was the silence broken by crying? was the sadness broken: did it vanish? how do you write about defiance? how do you write about fear?
Let’s see. Would I do all my homework or finish the chores? Would I lock then go back and check all windows and doors? Would I stay up all night watching season after season?
It was never easy. But now it is harder. Seems harder       no Is         harder   When I didn't know, they came Like wind I was alone I was free Free and alone
You can't drain away all the gloominess My past has filled me with But you can erode all the loneliness My heart is smeared with Only to let you in And illuminate this arcane Soul
Remember dancing, tasting the present, It as fleeting as our movements and our feet Remember hugging, each other on days of sorrow, Freeing feelings caged underneath Our skin
Hear the sound of the passing wind,Watch the blazing sun of yesteryear. The water rippled through the galaxy,I watch his back as he face the clouds.
She locks her door and makes her bed Hopes to see him soon ahead Opens her window but is quiet The empty night is so silent Out the window she will climb To meet her lover right on time
Remember when the sky was blue? When there were no planes nor motors too. The days of travel dragged on and on,  often taking lives like falling flies.   But as time moved on, the hardships were gone.
It seems that every now and again i end up missing my best friend Kissing you in the rain Would evaporate all of my pain Holding your hand on a simple car ride Makes my heart beat so fast
In these Disunited States We're always concerned with such petty things as Left or right Black or white This or that
My sister was a storm, she was big and brutal, she was terrifying in many ways. When I was a kid, she never kissed me, never hugged me nor did she loved me.My sister was a balled fist drawn back waiting for you to scurry away in fear.
Her eyes, So deeply unsettling, As I watched The tragedy unfold.   Her hair, Tangled in his fist, Was used
But now you look And you wonder When it was you grew up And you think how Things will never be  As they were Or as they are And these last few months  Of one chapter
There's an intangible outside force that consumes me. It's dark, fierce, and rugged. I become enveloped by it, wrapped in its jaws, as I aimlessly fall into its deep, boundless abyss. 
There's an intangible outside force that consumes me. It's dark, fierce, and rugged. I become enveloped by it, wrapped in its jaws, as I aimlessly fall into its deep, boundless abyss.
Once Laid Footsteps 
My past life used to appeal to me, now it is dreary in comparison. No one I truly loved, no full happiness, no perfect peace. I could fall asleep without tears or anguish,
Growing up with my mom, hardly ever had a father figure.It was like I was the only one who ever saw the bigger picture.I grew up in New York with my mom in an apartment.My dad was a handy man who worked on anything from ceiling to floor carpet.I w
In the dead of night, a time closer to sun-up than sun-down,
Locks of the true unknown lifting off of me like a thrown. Luscious lust of what we cannot have yet nothing more than a tangled past
Walking the path Hundreds, no thousands had tread before Winding through the hurdles of life College, finals, work How does it all get done   I worked towards perfection Never stopping
Time passing slowly, slower, slower still senior sweatshirts caps and gowns graduation gifts beach days each day a little slower yet a little faster COLLEGE
12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, this is how much time ive spent growing all this time was spent knowing who I am, what I want to achieve and what I want to be a year can seem so vast  a year can seem so fast 
Floating in the sea, I’m happy   The familiarity of the ocean drowns me with a feeling love   The sound of the waves
I once could not breathe.  My skin use to hurt. Darkness filled my mind. But love surrounded me. Love had always surrounded me. But only right now Right this second Could I truly feel it.
Just want to come to u again Oh! Past, Why were u lost.   Oh! Past, You were my old host, No fear from Ghosts, But you made me lost.
Did I really change? Did I change for the past year in 2016? Was I ready for 2017? Am I ready for my Graduation?   In 2016, I saw some things new,
2016 was 366 days of dreaming, of learning, of reflecting, of growing myself into the person I long to be.   2016 was 366 days of laughter, of ideas,
The first part of my poem emphasizes how my youth was very childish and unconcerned, but once I started to grow up, some things got harder.
A latent prick of fearstarted at the root of my head.
My dewy eyes reflected in the mirror; I saw a girl affected by her past. Chains tied to mountains weighing on her back Prevented her from living the life she knew she was wasting.
Like a flower, I have grown The way leaves soak up sunlight, I have gained new knowledge and experience: Met so many different people  
This past year Alice died I cannot remember my last words to her But I do remember how my sister cried This past year Jackson was born
New year, new me, who would've thought you'd rescue me. We learnt from the past, And had a blast. New year at last, Well, that was fast.
There is a quilt on the bed in Shea's room, Pink, red, blue, green, and violet,Lace and stripes and polka dots,White pillowcases with crisp corners. There are books on the shelves, different genres,Stuffed in sideways and upways and frontways,old
Growing up you are taught right from wrong, They file up the bad from good,  She couldn't speak no English so they often called us hood, Waking at 5 so she could work her eyes
Can you hear me now, As I call through the cloud The memories of the year that has past? The memories of joy The memories of tears The memories of death The memories of life  
Sometimes I wish to talk to the version of me in the past The weak woman without purpose I had been A little candlelight burning at the command of others
I am scared, Not of the monsters in the closet Or the ones under the bed, But the ones that are in my head Battling to the death to find an answer For the sickening cancer growing in our hearts,
 Sitting at lunch among my group of friends All of them, laughing until their hearts content Their smiles so bright it seems they never witnessed hardship
The eyes of the past Look at me with shame Look at the the pain you caused And you're the only one to blame   The eyes of the present Look at me with calm The past is the past
Childhood... Thats the past. I know I Could... Thats the future. Life is Good... Thats the present. Scared of Woods... Thats the past. Manhood... Thats the future. College Brainfood... Thats the present.
~Every Moment~ Sometimes we set ourselves back, Everything we once had, disappeared as we shifted off track,Everyday we struggle to find our way back.The pain is buried so deep,That a smile on our face is hard to keep,Yet another battle on our own
Please Stay Out Of Mind, Please Just Go Away, As Soon As I Regain Composure, And Take Every Memory Of You, And Tuck It In That Safe In The Back Of My Mind, After I Place Bandages On The Cuts On My Bruised Heart,
I was a little brat. I threw tantrums. I hit, bit, and scratched. I didn't care about others. I only thought about myself. I loved myself.   I am alone. I isolate myself.
My past is behind me, my future is being rebuilt, my present is here and that's all that matters.
I can't let go of the past. It isn't that simple. The memories are engraved in my brain  Like the scars on skin. They play in my head over and over Like a movie on loop. If I could simply forget them
Here we are again Back to the late nights Struggling to be free Still going through the same fights Burden drags us down But we fight to stay afloat Finding shreds of hope
Lately all I've wanted to do is to be able to rewind timeAnd go back to when I could sleep in your warm embrace.If the ultimatum were that everything played out the same
You tripped into my lifewith a pen behind one ear,just looking for some new skinto write on.I hear it’s easierto write your lyrics outon someone else’s wrists,feeling your soulspilled
I hold on to my past, I know I shouldn’t. But how can I hold on to anything else? Mrs. Present is filled with scars from Mr. Past And of course, Dr. Future is nowhere near  
I look up and see the sky, I look down and see the ground. I look ahead and see darkness, I look back ,but only see the past and its faint light. Which do I choose , that all depends on what I'll do.
Does no one remember how?   Straighten your tie or skirt, And just make it to the "A" train. Hurry, hurry, don't be late! Make it on that choo-choo fro Chattanooga.  
  I killed that little girl Thought she wasn't good enough for this world Buried her deep in the past She was unearthed at last My darling, I'm so sorry for what I did Everything good about you I hid
When it rains, it pours, They say, I've never known a grander truth. Skies turn gray and I Drown again In water, tears, and straight vermouth. Patterns, fractals, Seem to be
Sepia With water stains Yellowed paper Tied with thin string Black and white Photographs Taken years ago Smiles and stern Dispositions Peer out From a window
There are many stories not told, pasts that will unfold. A loving, a sad, a true story, of those who fought for thier glory. Leave a map for tomorrow, to find the treasure of the past. 
It's gone It's past It won't come back It's dead It's faded There's a crack In what once was But now isn't Anymore It was open But now The door Is closed
She with the lion's mane- She with her head in the clouds had always been one to suppress her thoughts in hopes to just fade in the crowds.   As she grew, as she learned
I remember the days of having a prime directive The forward motion of my life insured beyond doubt I had a line to tow me in if the tide of the world grew too strong
Last night I was perched High up on a tree. The higher I was, The more I could see. How great this view shines Way above the ground. But I could see more. How great did that sound?
It is hard to forget- more than one can describe. Images pressed against the skull, replaying memories that decrease the rythmic motions of one's heart.
you are the reason the ancients worshiped the sky.someone so beautiful could not have come from the dirt of the Earth,you were born in the aftermath of a supernova. you have galaxies blooming inside of you
You are the aching breaths The struggling steps i’ve taken to the healing powers in tomorrow Tears marked with death You no longer have control over my sorrows  
I can't seem to find the answers to give to another. Is everything an act as he says or is it just a joke that pays? Everything has changed,  but it doesn't change the way we feel.
Every time I look to my watch, on my wrist, I see the scars that remind me of my past, The cuts that haunt my dreams, The memories that will forever be there, Reminding me that all I was in life is an failure,
Ever since I was a child the world looked so bright It seemed like all the darkness was pushed away by light But my young mind couldn't comprehend all the truth After all I was in the starting of my youth
  Green grass implies Spring, here in this statuesque creation, With flowers escalating from the earth, softening its foundation.
I shut my eyes and travel back to when I was only but five.With sausage legs and curious hands, the slightest bump would make me cry.My only concern were the winged Giants who stole from the flowers in bloomWho partnered with bees who stung and bu
Sitting in the car attached to the cart while grocery shopping with your mother Being carried from the couch to your bed by your father after you've accidently fallen asleep watching The Little Mermaid again
  A hand desperately craved twisting and stretching pulling my strings   Now, in this new land To sense I’m enslaved
Why are there so many things in this world to worry about? Why do I wait and wander in my worries when I could be doing something fun  like making babies or going on journeys? Why is the world so mean?
The face I see in the glass won't smile back at me, and I can't help but wonder why. I guess she isn't who she wants to be, and it always makes her cry. The water rushes down her cheek like a flood, salty and as thick as blood.
It took a long time to even write this cause the feeling insideI tried to fight it. I was insecure cause I knew you would never like what I would try to say you would never hear it,our relationship was beyond disgracedso i inscribe on the 8 by 11
I hate it. It hates me. My past is an anchor. It drags and stops me where I am. Don't cut the chains. Use the chains to lift that weight. And take it. It takes you.
"Can't put your mind in a cast but broken things aren't meant to last  Like walking on broken glass reminding you bout scars of past cause the world went by so fast  But not you,              your stuck
I often wondered why my parents never realized That I felt pain everytime they argued and fought The resentment I felt when I had to constantly watch my youngest brother
This water I drink is like a pool. I can feel the residue that I know comes from                                                                        others.  
Well I had that damn dream again. The one where you come back. You show up at my house,  dressed to the nines with roses in your hand.
Here is the land. Here it still stands. Here the land is opaque To those who cannot see. The world's secrets as easily. Open the ground they say. Let us show you are bones Still in the ground we lay.
Watching you sleep is like watching the moon you are so far away and so close at the same time and when I press my lips to your cheek I see light
"The dreams of a girl Not her own thoughts Deeper i fell I was taught, How to kill. Only in dreams Would i see Such a thing The horror seeped through No longer i trust
I reached out  And held on to the whispers  Of my past  With time prying away at my Soul  Afraid of letting go  And falling into her Grasp
what a dismaywe were trying to find the pieces to the puzzle lets sit cris cross apple sauce and find a new game to playthis one was kind of annoying so we found a new sedative it sorta messed with our heads and we began to feed on selfishness ins
"I call out  Is no one there? The imagination  Of the atmosphere  I called out  My memories stare  The past and present  Of ones held dear Icalled out But not in fear
It must feel great that your life has a soundtrack Forget responsibilities, you'd rather sit back Relax, just be a character not claiming any agency How are you your own side role? Wake up, you ain't no baby
It wasn't too long ago that I had her, so close to me, so willingly but the winds of change swept her away and just like that she was gone.    I didn't want to admit to myself,
My mind of youth, days of past so confused so deluded. Unknown grounds rocky roads, departed souls. Entwined in a world of poisonus minds, Life's trap door tryna fade the pain..The pain of life, life's pain plan.
You I hate you And yet I’m supposed to love you I want to be rid of you Yet I never will completely
Cool ocean breezes Whispering waves, soaring gulls Sweet, silent farewell
He created no problems as others did to her   she believed him giving her number, sharing her personal problems, sent pictures of hers   her family, their new car
I wield a fist that has shattered glass, leaving in its wake Shards strewn across the crimson splatter lining the sink where I weep sinking, sinking, sinking down into
In my hand I hold a sword To defend or to slay? As one you are the victim And the other you have prey. Future odds determined by what A past has written. What good is old and wise
I am but a mere quirk in the face of billions, shifting my way down on a path that shall leave me dispersed.     Times have shaped the outline of my brain, leaving me so estranged from the me of the past,
SeptemberOne year ago I looked at you and sa
Like a wave, happiness flows. Sometimes fast while sometimes slow. When you realized you lost the past. Happiness tends to slow down fast.
Burn A fury of fire that never died Burn A hatred that I refused to hide Burn My spirit that rose like a phoenix   Burns
I am from a Caucasian mother and an African American father
In this small world where we live in, Where "busy" is the only word leaving our mouths, Where our feet are stuck in the past, Is there any path towards the future? Without any thought about our actions,
I am Spring, 2013 You were in a coma Accidental drug overdose I felt like I died   I am Fall, 2013 Things got better For everyone but me You see, I got worse  
Barefoot river child Dirty hands, dirty eyes What have you seen? Remember the days  Forget those nights Please just sing with the chickadees There's laughter in the sun above
      little girl playing in rain puddles  herding fussy ducklings under rainy sky  raincoat swish-swish  wellies squeak and slurp  hungry beasts gold hair, bright eyes clueless and naive.
i am.... within myself.
Should you open that beloved book of words, Should you choose to see what lies within, Should you find, by chance, a certain word, Janus, it would be; You would find not the god, but a picture of me.
Hot, sticky, and wet
We met again in the dark last night, But before I let you go I left my mark. And for a while I'll haunt your reflection. Every time you see it, you'll also see me.
And the way we once were, still thrived in the past. But the mistakes we had made,
Everything. Is. Awesome It’s a foreign thought to admit that the world is awesome A convoluted statement to understand the world of awesomeness
Move, hurry, not even time to worry. Much to do, too much not done, rest and play some other day. All is in a flurry, a snowstorm never ceasing you might say.
This is an image of my past as you can see.   I'm not the entire focus.  I'm one of many people.   Taken years ago, you look upon it and it appears to be taken on a regular summer day.  
I miss the blue in the sea I miss the garden home to me I miss it, I miss it.
The War   (monolouge) Damn  I just wanna Drink and forget It's hope and regret  If I sip
Sometimes I wonder what the present is,I wonder what the sun feels like,
I live in an earthly purgatory But tonight I smelled rain amongst the brimstone I inhaled the scent of a coming cleansing Of liquid purity flooding down upon the fire   I reside in the depths of perdition
I stand in front of a cave as darkness covers its mouth
I remember when our connection had its first break: I changed so sudden, and the whole time I was feeling your heart break. It was a pain so strong that sometimes I still feel your heartache.
I hate the fact he loved another. My love feels expendable and connection feels bothered, I hate the fact he loved another.
(9:23 pm)
*this describes in great detail sexual abuse so stop reading now if you can't handle it*   im meeting my childhood monster next month  no one knows he's my monster no one even knows i have a monster like him
Don't dance the words of a lullaby Don't cry the words of a goodbye Don't die in the words of a rap battle  Don't overlook the sights you see in the blink of an eye its all gone 
Fearing the Future
I'm a china, glass doll girl, people think I'll  break.   Problem is they don't know how much I've already had to take.    And putting me on a shelf was never my idea of fun.  
I guess we're stuck on yesterday Take it down and pack away
Where the cherry shall drop into the pink oceans And he lamb’s ear shall hear the wind’s whisperings The undefeated sun shall shine forth into the fourth of darkness   Yet the grounds are of pearl
Your breathing is ragged. Your lungs are on fire. Your body is exhausted, but you continue.
It had to be an Easy button  
Scrubbing and wiping
A long swing hangs low,
I've made mistakes, But they don't define me.   I have regrets, But I am not what I've done.   I have secrets, But they're part of my past.   Come dawn, And come day.
  The Usual Fee: Forty QuidAugust 16th, 2014
Pondering When the mind is free to wonder But often chooses to fonder. In corners where it should not be Learning things one cannot see. Where touch and feel fail,
Vivid pictures; envision a soul, lost in the thoughts that'd keep a grown man cold, poor kid, just 16, livin in hell, fightin demons while he deals with the swells,  of all the dangers and how cops fancy the cells,
Plans for the future
You feel like your alone in a cruel place, wanting to leave you'll do whatever it takes, but at the end of the day, you know it's inevitable, that your basically alone in this world; invisib
It is as an old photograph, fading with every second
I'm falling further from myself,  Down into the depths that threatens, To swallow me whole. The water rushes about my face, It fills in the space left by my body. This is where I die.
As I stare outside the window today, I see little children with a ball they play Happily on the street together today.   As I stare outside the window, I remember our time back then, Where are we now?
Today, I look up to the Sky; I see all the birds Sky high Flying, making the Skky alive.   Today, I look down to the Ground; I realized that I'm Ground Bound Rooted, held down.
I want to forget the past But I keep trying to make the memories last I know I’m only hurting myself
May 15th Nothing can change my love for you. Everything just happened so fast. I wonder, what if I knew, before you became our past just who you were?
Is it possible to stop loving someone when you know your feelings are true? Is it possible for me to love again when my heart still beats for you? Is it possible to promise never
What is it? Why is it? How? Lunar gone loony That Jamacian wants bacon My atlas is torn and all I can do is watch some porn and I slide---
They're all around you,         whispering in your ear,         touching your arm,         pulling your hair. They haunt you like ghosts,          sitting in you chair,
People These Days They are changing like leaves in the fall And they leave you like They don't need you at all...
Sometimes I'll lie awake at night thinking of everything and nothing all at once (Another sleepless night) And every time, a thought will cross my mind (Never welcomed) And I become sad
I want to go to sleep But never wake up With words so deep My life I reap.   Lying in bed WIth the sheets grasping my head My face turning red Hoping I'd end up dead.  
Alone will stay,
My life is left brained, all I think about is moving forward
It might have been little league; might have been Gatsby;
Hoping for destination, she  gropes toward brightness, across spaces like tundras.
Abandoned, left alone Sullen, with a heavy heart Smiling in the play of life is just a part
A single seashell on the beach Waves overwhelm its speech A single tile to the mosaic of the shore Listening to the ocean roar   The waves beat against the coast
In this strange tangled mess I left us in, I found love. Or rather, I think I did.   I thought I loved you. I define Love as giving anything for the betterment of another human being.  
Death, the end to all beginnings and the beginning of some unknown extent. Death, the answer to all problems that arise out of life as they never seem to end.
The condensation of expelled expressed emotion swirling my window pane. Making the portal to another dimension shift ajar, to one which is much more comfortable.
Living under a facade is hard when it's all you've ever known.You trudge past the faces of todaywhile remembering the ones 
Going into the dark chambers of your mind Where the voices whisper The hands claw Waking up in a cold sweat Gasping for breath Longing for air No, you won't go back there
Fakebook. Instastab in the heart. Subtweeter.   Real babies, Not dolls. Drinking beer, Not juice.   YOLO, swaggin' Getting turnt up. This generation
If only,
Weak, Worthless, Insignificant, Useless, Unwanted, Dejected. That is what I felt inside, looking at me from the outside. Some say I’m weak because I don’t do what everybody does,
I dreamt of you last night. 
Her Happiness By Adriana Gutierrez    
its a cover its a page its a hand with a pen its a rainbow Its a sky its the waves And the sand its hopefull it inspires its what i love Its happiness.. its mine  
What makes me smile? Well that's a funny question, For the things worthwhile, To me at least, Are simply a facial expression.   A sparkle in the eye,
With my pencil full of lead,sharp at its head. The line I draw that's a bore,but soon it'll be something more.
The quiet assumes the guise of a room, abandoned by many. Ghosts of a family. Once existed happily. Outdated portraits grinning, forgotten by the youth. Ignorant of truth.
I used to sit alone in bed and cry. As tears streamed down my face I wondered when I'd find my place.  I'd think to myself "why do I even try?". Days and nights passed and it was all the same. 
So I say goodbye to the daylight, To the sun I bid adieu,
There are times I scream out to the stars, Thinking of you and all these times, so hard.
When I was younger all I could think about was going back to Chicago but now I see it's just because of the memories I had there.
Some people judged too quick 
Remember the good old days? Of laughter and love and spirit Remember when? We weren't afraid of shadows or each other. Those were the good old days. Weren't they?   Remember when
she stands alone in the dark dark closing in as the tears fall she feels pain within her heart aches but she cant let go the past a memory her breaths thinner and less
Distant drums are beating.   War is on her way.   I once wished for peace, once prayed to the almighty Lord for a sort of sanity in mad times.  
Back then everything was so vivid, I could remenber her face even though she had left. The image was so clear, its almost as if she stayed. But now, only 5 years have passed
Sunrise, sunset Dawn and dusk. A starry net visible, but only just. Ruby-orange fades to blue begins to change right on cue. Dawn begins- yesterday is the past. Dusk ends-
A poem inspired the Funerary Stele of Zezen-Nakhet
If the past could talk it would speak a broken language.
That great gaping maw of the past opens and I slide down that rabbit hole, like I'm a 2-year-old again riding down
To the reflections of me   I look to a mirror, a photograph, a song
Word after word
Trees, A thousand years old, Touched by a thousand hands, Fingers trailing softly over rough bark. Trees, A thousand feet high, Home to a thousand birds,
"You did this" I think this as I try to sleep my first night at my fourth foster home that year. I am ony six years old. As that night was not cold, my heart was chilling to my soul,
Standing, arms crisscrossed as the dead, I stand. And now she let's lose in soft lips a coo "Trust me" "I'll catch you" She's waiting, but I'm still standing because what -what if she doesn't?
HOOK: All but one that can make this complete, All but one that can solve this mystery. VERSE: The one piece I'm looking  for it might be happiness, love, or maybe trust.
HOOK: Obama wants a change. To have to world rearranged. Let's do this right. We can change during the day or night. We can change a person's life. VERSE: We can do this.
Her heart is slowly dying. Her scars grow deeper and deeper. As she is no longer trying. Only watching the calamity beat her.   The fire surrounds her soul. She can no longer breathe, just take it in.
Many times, I have heard of young girls and boys who, All thanks to bullying, Have committed suicide. Why would people even try to ruin their lives? Most of us victims were innocent.
I feel the whispers of a time
Past is a flask Once filled and drunk, Now bare of its liquor Only the scent lingers on
Its been 20 long years A lot of cheers with some tears and other fears Life has been kind Though occasionally, I have been blind The world changed me As I changed with the world In anger, I have hurled
She would trace the outlines of his face while they slept, so she could remeber every detail.
Dear Future,I want to take time to say this nowBefore things get too complicated andI don't have time to sayThat I'm glad you turned outAs you should'veAmazing and fulfillingFILLED
Depression filled her mind completely, With thoughts she did not wish to think, Thoughts of the past, the pain, the suffering Imprinted on her brain like ink.  
at a young age, 
A Guy stands in the mirror,Wondering if his reflec
My ghost      follows me everywhere My ghost      hides in the shadows My ghost      huants my past My ghost      endangers my future My ghost      seeks a chance to scare me
Here's another older one to round out the 5 for tonight :3 I'll post more tomorrow, maybe I'll even write a fresh one for you~*   Dreams boil in my chest Hot and fierce they burn my flesh
Here's one from several months back:   Weighed down by the mistakes of my past A pebble, a rock, a mountain on my shoulders At first I ran, regrets like quicksand sucking at my feet
  I know about my past. I think about the time that I clumsily tried to cut my own hair With a pair of scissors meant to cut construction paper I think about the day of my first karate class
I once had a childhood; carefree, full of dreams.     I once had a family; happy, loving.     I once had my sight; to explore, to enjoy, to embrace the world around me.    
The body of a girl, Who lost her hope long ago.
Tick. Tock. See the clock.
Today is the day that I realize past events have still not been overcome.
She stands outside; the sun's to her back; Her shadow keeps her from being alone. It's an autumn day, the sky is blue, It dawns on her how time has flown.   
Oh where has the time gone? The days have flown by   We had times of joy- We laughed together And we had fun   We had times of sorrow- We cried together 
Children’s bikes laid in the grass, Skateboards scattered in the streets, Play sets empty but not broken ,Swimming pools filled with smiles ,Barbecue smells wafting into
  Family is a bridge to our past, present and future.
Love and pain is all know!
Maybe One day I hope I will make enough new memories To fill up all the gaps and holes you poked into my mind   One day nothing Will make me think of you again
Trees, the wind blows through them;  and all I hear is applause.  "What do you hear?" she asks, "do you hear the laughter, and the happiness I do? Do you hear the children playing?
Turn on the radio Max out the volume Do you love this song? That song speaks to you On a level no one can ever imagine   Not the whole song but Just that one line the artists says
Close your eyes, Go to sleep,                 Dream of us- As deep drums                 Mark the beginning.   Ravenous human shadows Singing brutal blood-stained
When leaving any place, you are physically and emotionally different. Your essence ever changing   “The past is part of who you are” they say- But who picks which part of your past shapes you? Defines you?
Tangled webs are woven by lies and cruel deceit human hearts are targets  for others mean conceit   He was abused, she was used they think that it's their fault there is no fault when hatred
Light flutters on my eyelids through the forest’s verdant lace. My tiny body bouncing in cadence with Dad’s steps. We arrive at a wooden hut and duck inside. It’s damp, cool, dark. Water tumbles over mossy rocks.
Yet my path grows my story will never change. It grows, it calls, and it even bleeds, yet never asks for help.
Their was a time when I was small The flowers standing proud and tall I would walk amongst the blades of grass that were taller then I  And the house beneath the tree 'twas mine
Before I end my sentence, Listen for once. Breathe through your heart, feel through eyes, and sing with an open mind.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I breathe this air one more time, I get back up, though I was burnt to the ground, And just like that phoenix, I may be missing a few feathers and have a few scars,
It seems as though I'm often taking steps backwards,
Drag an eraser through your tears until the wet trails have all but disappeared A wooden pencil shall draw your lips up into a smile And paints may drop all sorts of bright colors of all shades and tints But not even a million Could blot out the
She told me we were forever.  She told me she would never leave. She even told me that we would stay together because I was tw baby with a mistaken name.
I've never liked change too much Change brings risk Risk brands possibility Possibility boils expectation Expectation breeds disappointment   I've never liked change too much
  Never Forgetting             Sheets of steel, behold with fear             Stand alone             Against all odds, so appear             In the shadows
  A Past We Shared             We use to be exemplary             Our matters were trivial             Breaking so we were             Trust turned sour  
  A Friend of The Past             Once first             Now last             A kind you were             Ridiculous but settled  
  Remember When             A time of joy             Shared with care, compassion             You and I share a past             Long and last, yet so new
When I first came hereI thought things were going to get better.
My Perspective Of Life  Would Be A Great Way To Change The Attitude I Have Right 
You know that moment? I know you do. When you realize that the things you have - are just to few. That shining moment inglorious, spotted where you just think, what am I doing?
I want you to see all of my happiness I want you to see my friends And my grades I want you to feel like you screwed up Because you did   But I forgive you  
Speaking over the years, into the Static.  By: Anyssa Q. E    You...I remember you, Through a balmy retrospect, You come to me in dreams, and breathe to me your memories,  
I am addicted to the trails of dried
Though her lips say she doesn't, her eyes say she still does love him.  She looks at him like she looks at no one else. It's cliché, but her eyes do sparkle and light up
And all these little things They build up inside  Turning your light into dark They rupture the protective wall  That we think saves us from all the hurtful things 
What would you change He said What would I change... My mothers' words And my sisters' The friends Who used me And turned their back When I needed them the most My fathers' cancer
Staring at her past self Evaporated Dreams Waistline Increased Color Dimmed Snapshots of happiness Endless Sunny Skies Playful Fights Summertime How old was she?
I hear your anger, I feel your cries. I can smell the fear of histories repitition; the thought of certain memories guard you heart. You cannot forgive nor forget. How could you? It broke your mind,
She yells and nags She gossips and brags Our relationship went down the drain Everytime we fight it fries my brain I love her of course But from all the yelling my voice is hoarse
What would the world be If everyone, including you and me Did their part To help start The world's largest revolution In education, now that's a solution You take a child From the wild
I see people laughing and smiling everyday with so much cheer So easy for them to continue life without judgement and fear.  I am envious of their emotion they show for mine remain hidden so much no one will know. 
My Dearest Isabella, I am dead, but my words will live on. One day, my book will find you, In that book, are the pages of my life. Those pages, represent memories I once had. The pages contain words,
what would i say could change? it would be me. My knowledge of how powerful education really is and how successes could better me. How education would have helped me become a better me.
I got people looking up to meBut  I'm just not that heroic.It's like I'm living a double life,I promise you don't even know it, Cause I don't even show itAnd I don't even flow it
I own these things;these things I bore,yet left me for deadI own these things.No ones name but mine engraved.No one to blame, but me to blame.Everlasting, unforgiven, unchanging.
I use to remember you That way you move your hair from your face it strikes me down with nostalgia Like being struck with the badge of honor from an epiphany  
The light flashes. Blinks, constantly, in the dark room.
Every night I lie awake, Unable to go to rest.   Every night I make choices, Choices that change my life forever.   Every night I think of my mistakes,
Take off your glasses, the world is a blur. People messed up, clothes on backwards, life is an abstract art- hard to decipher. Stand on your head, everything is flipped.
They tell me that I should  forget the past, live for the present, and don't worry about the future. Haha yeah, okay... The past is what makes me who I am. Those lacerations in my pride...
Across from the ocean, I sit on the beach, I'm lost in tranquility, As my soul tries to breathe.   White clouds moving slowly, The breeze calm and still, I'm caught in the moment,
I am a dream A picture formed on the mind I am a vision Is what I think of all the time But what does it all mean?
The faces fade to ash Photographs discolored to the sickly yellow Of rotting buttercups and stagnant sunlight Captured in dust-coated rooms   Disintegrating into something less than nothing
The Spectacles An Original Poem by Catelin Haight   Through the spectacles of the soul
Strange how a picture can take you to a place, a time, a memory you once had, held dear,
Out on the streets, I run by many things I run by the cars in their rush By jagged cracks in the concrete By hills of strength and downhills of bliss   My feet propel me foward
   Every Christian has a different burden that they carry many of them forget that there is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary that there is a stillness in the atmosp
I put the past behind me I put the past away I put the lies, the regrets, the mistakes ive made I put those nights, that 9, those tripple 6s away Cuz i Realized the boyz that made me laff an I embraced
Way in the country side 
  After the tears have washed away and the world
For all those who say time traveling is impossible,  it’s not true. Music is my time traveler. It helps me regress. Every song is an old memory, producing waves of nostalgia.
My heart broke a confusing puzzle But I met you And you liked Puzzles
Today stands still and Yesterday runs away…
We were friends back, years ago Back When She was a awkward nerd and my hair was nappy. Now We're all grown up, reunited, And All I want is to make her happy.
I stumbled upon it without knowing what it was. I pulled it out and saw my name written on it...the hand writting... it looked so familiar yet so diffrent...I opened it and started to read.
Love is a very powerful force that can motivate us, makes us new, teach us things, and give us emotional comfort.
Black atmosphere, purple park on fire my flesh desired Black spiked hair with a bruised face stepping, grass crunching, heart race
Whose destination is love. YOU and you and You are my definitions. I’ve learned that I’m just in love with a concept. Life doesn’t work that way. I want the best of all; I always end up with
My past is just that - my past.  I have moved on  at last.  I cannot forget.  I want to forgive.  My past is just that - my past.      The present 
 Pettiness is all I can say  What goes on at school day after day  He says this She says that
Dance to the winds of desolation And create turbulence In the pathways of the rulers   Don’t be afraid to break their reign They dig graves for everyone Of ashes burnt from conviction  
Trying to bury the past. But it keeps coming back to life. It drains my energy. Lives off the many tears i cry. I try to shake it off but it isn't gonna happen. I thought i was done with it. Why does it keep reviving? No. Leave. Go away.
I'm doing better She says she hears it In the sound of my voice And I wonder if she hears You in there too   The worst thing you can say
Its come to a point where i dont write poems for myself anymore But instead i write poems so i can hang onto what we used to be Im hoping one day you happen to stumble across one and maybe itll take you back
One morning I woke to the sound of my Family's despair, and I ready myself for the day ahead and descend down my aunt's stairs. Why me? I asked myself sorrowfully.
Three broken hearts all in one day, But my love for you still stays. We are silenced in the depths of darkness. I pray that someday the barrier will be broken For us to be away from the farthest of fears,
"There across the Crescent Moon is where you'll find me sitting on the edge fishing, in hopes to reel you back to me once more."
Most have heard or read the animated anecdotes of the dead. They are given with joy and wrapped in a bow - - stories of life, of music, of love. But all anecdotes end.   Few ever say or re-claim
His feet were hard and calloused Probably because he had no shoes Torn and stained courdaroy pants Worn for the past 2 weeks Cracked mug found in the dumpster Filled with loose change
It'll just be a Tuesday.A Tuesday, normal to most.Just another day on the calendar. It'll be just another day of the week.
It happened so fast It happend years ago I thought the pain wouldn't last Yet I couldn't seem to let it go I always thought to myself "why me?" I cannot live with this pain any longer
Unwrapping that present New, shiny, and unburdened. Looking forward to that new gift All day All night. But soon, weeks pass Dust layers By layers. Shine dulls And dulls.
You You were not supposed to do that You I don't even have words of a poem for you because I don't know what to say.
Tiny little painter man paint my skies so blue tiny little painter man paint my dreams come true.  For the things I wish to do I can not see so tiny little painter man, paint it clear for me?
I was an ass. I was shy but an ass. When I worked up the courage to talk, all this gross undeserved arrogance would spill out like: "I'm probably smarter than you."
Drama, Action, Stop, and Cry. That what goes through my mind. Drama, Action, Stop, and Cry.  That what I feel like in the inside. Drama, Action, Stop, and Cry. Crying is a weakness it eats you alive.
Day One. We all smiled at each other, prospective friends, Day Twelve, We hate each other, more than we can bear. The darkness we've found in these halls has begun to transcend,
You are gone. lost, destroyed, undefined,  the same face,but different eyes. What did she do to you?   You were supposed to be my rock my shelter, my protector, my deliverer,
Yesterday is gone my dear friend, it has already come to an end. With all its blunders and its tears, follies,defeats and other fears.   The endless tears you may have wept,
I think I found my talent. Yet, not sure if I really found it, Oh well, Time to take some chances. I will dance like no one's watching, Sing as if I don't care,
 In the night, you scream with fright you hold your breath all too tight, for in the night, lurk shadows of the past, you remember of those gruesome nights, you try to fight those scary dreams,
There's a girl I knew Who wore a curtain over her face That blurred the person underneath And stole her precious personality   She lived on cloud 9 In a house made of broken hearts
7...8...9... It's been 9 days since your hand slipped through my finger tips. 9 days since I've last felt the bliss of your warm embrace. 9 days of thinking of time edged in moments that we solemnly spent together.
There will come a time when I have to let youReally let you goBy that I mean you will be goneYou will no longer be in my thoughtsI have let you go beforeFor a year we didn’t talkI did not think of you
Sometimes life likes to screw you overWhy can't we just live and let live?Horrible parents, a cheating loverEveryone takes what you have to give
She was said to have burning lips,The woman that worked at the corner storeShe had bright green eyes and saucy hipsThat made you shudder when you opened the door
I read their words and my heart breaks openWords of the soul that were never spokenCreations of the mind that were made to beVisions of their realityMy soul takes in their endless life
Poetry, when people think of poetry they think useless, hard to understand, and a waste of time. Poetry is really part of everyday life like music, commercials, etc Poetry gives me the sensation of amazement in people's ability
We'll be here until the end of time, let's not leave love behind, let's be kind, clean the earth, make it shine, because our world is so fine, everything is beautiful, keep an open mind,
These Battle Scars dont look like they are fading as they sit on the skin  of a damaged girl. And everytime she looks  in the mirror they are the first thing  she see's.
Your either writing your feelings down or writing what's on your mind.Many write it down as a verse, like a journal or in stanzas,but I'm one to write what I feel, or when I'm bind.I write because I can not always speak the truth,my mouth is sewed
Poetry...words that merely chose me Opened my eyes and heart in ways the world cannot see I was lost...trapped in sadness that would last Fought continuously with the darkness of my past
And you're goneFarThe last of you that I heardWas the sound of your guitar All we areIs two star crossed loversAs distantAs the stars
Let’s take a journey through time:   An unborn nation, Develops from thievery, greed, and opportunistic visions…   Swish, swish, swish… In search for new territory.   Bang, bang, bang…
  Dolls, dress-up, hop scotch, and hand games. Those things I didn’t have time for at that age.   Growing up was the only choice I had.
I'm from sweet ribbon candy,  along with fizzy bottle caps like fireworks against my tongue.  I'm from Bon Jovi and Adam Ant; the greatest hits buzzing in my ear.    I'm from Rick Springfield,
The bright neon lights glistened and gleamed Dancing and twirling across the black night sky Before they were distorted by the blur As the car went whizzing by The warm summer night is teeming with magic
They say that you can’t repeat the past, But what if that part of your past comes back And you greet it with a kind hello Sending neurons firing from left to right In that lovely brain of yours,
Desires are a deep thirst Always there Water quenches   Dreams are saltwater Appear to quench in the end  only worsen   Taking hopes Twisting them  
  I wish there were something that I could say That could take all your pain away.I wish there were something that I could doTo show you just how much I love you.
I look at my legs and I see all my scars Somtimes they're as vivid as my nightmares Sometimes they're as invisible as that little girl was made to feel I look at my arms and I see exhausted veins
sometimes i wonder what things would have been like if i had forgiven you a little sooner if i had kept my mouth shut if i hadn't fallen for the wrong guy
Poetic justice which Whispers in my thoughts Soft influence Leads me to my own conclusions No wrong answers Indiscernible meanings Inspirations- Lead me to always have Aspirations-
Release Sweet God I think I've got it. Remorse Where's my mind I think I've lost it. Relief  All my dreams mix well with drinks. Regret  All my screams are making make me sink.  Repeat
there's a part of me that wishes i could say i fell for the way you laugh for your refusal to call yourself a ginger      (even though the truth was clear)
Beautiful skies filled with gray Some may think oh what a shame But i, certainly do not   We hold on to the very last bit we have
The sun casts its blinding rays onto the snow-covered ground to create a glittering reflection that has always reminded me of broken mirror shards.
To know what my future holds, You must understand my past. It's too much to swallow or To sip from a glass. It weighs a ton, Therefore it makes you exhausted after I'm done.
The past is static its events shall not change Time can't be reordered, reduced, rearranged It happened, it's done, its effects have been applied
You are a past thingA thing from who I used to beAnd I miss you, you past thingBecause sometimes, without you, I don't feel completeMaybe I have not tried to replace youBut you're like a rare part
In the dark sky No one hears her cry There's no one to call Her tears continue to fall Her broken heart Is a work of art
Can we roll back the hours And refresh the calendars To the time and the place Where we said we'd never change? Can we go back to the town Where we almost drowned In our sappy cheeto-cheesy love?
The red glow of the sun beat heavily on the barren sky. Cloud might have blocked it from view but the glow of its aura could be seen faintly in the sky, as heat manifested the air.
Evey kiss is imprinted upon my lips I can still feel the heat of you Living on in the memory of a touch An unbelievable softness The velvet of you lips Covering a barley leashed passion
There was nothing more between us But some pleasant conversation Though when you looked right at me My heart had palpitations My heart had opened up For love (to come from you)
(poems go here) The moonlight is so bright, so peaceful, so simple. A heavy cloak of black attacks and quickly engulfs the powerful gem of Silver, reminding her that pure bliss can be shattered at a moment’s notice.
I was waiting for the light to turn green when a fragile, tiny leaf fell onto my windshield and started to dance across like a Russian Ballerina, delicately and flawlessly spinning before it flew away with the breeze.
I'm falling, fading But I've already done this. Black glass Chasing the past Future. Unsure, no cure No sense but suspense Only not. Nothing, pure and new. I haven't got a clue.
Birch, Your bark once white Is now black From all the things we can’t take back. You’ve shivered in the wind But now you burn because we’ve sinned Your shade may be no longer,
"You've drowned me, you know," I say, Looking back at the places, the people That I once knew, long ago, Under different stars, a different roof. For how is it, that when I dwell on
Could I go back in time and speak to myself I would choose the Samantha of four or five years.
A decade is a long time; it could not be made up for the past time. Depression is walking through my mind, and it makes me go blind. My crying heart is not healed; it still suffers from its open sealed.
There was beauty, laughter, even happiness; It changed to rot, weeping, and depression. The bitter transformation from one black day... Sons of gods, of kings – all dead.   The night was cold and wet,
Sitting in the past, I see you wear a mask. Why can't you just be honest? I thought you were my goddess. What did I do you wrong? Was I not good enough? The world was against the two of us.
The wind shook the house on that cold, cold night You were yelling at me, I didn't want to fight. You stumbled down the stairs, You stumbled into my room, You grabbed me by the hair, and you blamed me.
Untamable This space is cold The name I chose became the main chain-reaction to maintain with a brain too strange for the average face to smile at so brace and don't hate just cope I came to hold
Letters of blue, background of gray. A forlorn hue, a fading day. Memories made, memories lost. Characters built, companions cost. Childhood gone, in body for sure. Maturity's con,
The song of the unspoken soldier I am not sure why we were to be left here. Gunshots blowing, streaking past our faces. The great abyss of death and sadness Only to be remised as light streaking by our eyes.
Your smile is the most heartbreaking thing i know Every lie you tell, I see the truth slipping beneath them. If they cared to inquire, it's visible to see. I inquire-very frequently. Through and through I'm there,
They say "Don't follow others, just be yourself, Originality is key; it's all up to you". They also say "Don't be a freak, Don't hog all the attention, Not everyone can be the best", So what can we do?
Don’t hope for a tomorrow Better than all the ‘todays’ You have gotten Only when you realize that Today Is better than yesterday And tomorrow Is simply an echo of the future Will you find
Broken like the keys of an old piano, Fake like all the lies that you've told her, Tattered like the curtains of an old abandoned house, Abused like a stray dog... Broken like a rusty 1969 Chevelle,
My home Beautiful seasons of crimsons and greens Vast blue seas I’m sorry Our greedy hands Ripped through your trees Poisoned your air and clear waters And brought fire into your sky
Empty hands Empty phase Lonely place. Shuddering loose. Ends ravel back, twisting trunks Forty stains, Grape seeds. Whispered gold, precious wrought. Luscious lied.
Charlotte's red and gusty breeze Wiping down the laney square. Thrashing greens and yellows bare. Waiting, watching, calls me there.
The creaking of an attic’s chest which contains the stories of a previous life hidden as dusty almanacs. Rummaging hands find leather covers – life to the memories forgotten.
This world is filled with many things, Such as joy, sorrow, and emptiness. And all these feelings make us feel alive, But sometimes they make us want to die.
I can't see you But I feel you I don't know you But I love you I don't want to forget you But I can't remember you
Is this wrong Or is it right This word love It evokes a thunder within my heart A freezing rush of painful memories Gliding gently across the lens of sight Some where it happened in these memories
I thought I can show her the way of love, Make her feel untouchable like from heaven above, Be her friend and also her one, No more thinking her love is done, Give her that light that she can not see,
As I stop and think, I think of the past. The times we were together, I wish they would have last. Time can change two people, Like the tides can change the sand.
One drink to wash away the pain, Just one more, One sip to cleanse the sorrow, Just one more, One drink to ease the suffering, Just one more, That will come tomorrow.
A blazon radiates from above Upon the barren, bleak cave Where reminiscent of lost love Reflects within mystic waves.
Some people say love doesnt exist Others say it is only found between a man and woman if thats true then whats this im feeling for a woman Butterflies in result to that sweet sound i call ur voice
My memories have disappeared, where ever did they go. I know I had to start from somewhere, like everyone that I know When I lost my memories everything seemed so very dark. I know I had a name once whatever that was.
I've seen those hands before In a different country far from here I've smelled that scent before But it's not like he's standing beside me Flashbacks through my senses
Flash, Back to the days When we believed everything anyone ever told us. Do we still remember them? It seems to me, Those days were so long ago, Passed by so quick. Now look at us.
person of trust trust no more laugh at my pain then hide my pain now command respect and give little respect in return demand me to work but work I do not pretend serious one minute
I’m holding onto pieces of my past My broken heart coerced me to resent Thinking of the time I saw you last Longing for the chance to mask your scent
In days to come I write of hope, I write of beaming white. I scrawl of joy and scribble truth, and smiling, sweet aloof.
Your eyes, green with flicks of brown. They swallowed me whole. They took my soul. They flipped my world world upside down.
It was early December when I first met him. He was a little timid at first, He hid under the seat until the lights went dim. He was as horrible as a curse. I loved him.
As times to come are seen from heav'n above, As life's pasture of green is burning bright, When eyes of men so keen do nothing miss, When hearts of gold are gleaned in dying night,
I am a strange stirring in the night, the way you feel when you’ve just awoken from a dream, the tension of your misplaced affection.
Memories cross my mind as they try to escape, I try to control which ones stay or go this method never seems to work but I keep trying anyways. I try to file my memories Into discrete sections
The rain, it is my comfort, when I sit, alone, in darkness, my thoughts completely consumed by you.
"I've lost all hope of you ever doing anything right!" "You will never amount to anything!" These phrases and more echoing through my head "Just end it now!" I think as I collapse behind the door
Candles on a shore of black, lights flicker on stone white faces Not seas of corpses are they, but a sea of mourners The ones left behind, left to cry on wet sandy shores This is where silent tears are heard
Somehow your eyes of apathy never see. How can you stand on the outskirts of this agony And point, laughing, at the bleeding- Shining bright and smelling of pain before your face? How can you forget that I’m here when
I want to move on to my next, but for some reason i still have felings for my ex. Even though she played me , i stil let her call me baby
Remember When things weren't so complicated When words weren't hidden meanings And we were raw human beings? When "I love you" meant I love you and "I do" meant "I do"
My mind wanders to unforsaken memories of the past, and I begin to wonder why things turned out the way that they did.
My fist was closed. My breathing, hard. The frown line was there, sitting on my forehead, as I failed miserably, trying to hold onto something, that was just like thin air.
Almost burned in the fire Didn't feel the burn, but I got the marks Generations getting higher and higher We left the atmosphere without any talks I find the mistakes that I've made
Can’t you see, I’m trying to be optimistic. Everything you did, I try my hardest to forget it. Don’t wanna hurt you By acting like I’m so resented. But we’ve done it before,
Some days I feel alone. Some days I feel hopeless. It all depends on the day. It’s hard some days. Although we are told, Do not dwell on the past. I always find myself, Looking back at mistakes.
I miss you The you who cared The you who was kind to us I miss the past
The old, faded wallpaper hangs on the walls Ripped in spots where the cat has tested her claws And where the wall meets the post of my bed. Small birds peck at the breadcrumbs thrown into the yard,
A trip forward to the future- a blast back to the past! We loath to sit and wonder- how time will go so fast.
Sadistic you are Weary is I The battle has been won Are you proud? Is there enjoyment in pain, pain that you have caused? Do I deserve it, no
Do you not see your hurting her from the inside out That soon tears that wish to rain become a sullen drought Misery from the mornings start Till night when the sun departs No wounds visible for the eye to see
Sleeping deeply, always lightly Never sweetly but always nightly. Nightmares haunt me taunting softly Leaking deeply into my reality. Was it a dream or was it real? These wicked thoughts are out to drown me,
Looking up at life, Watching time fly by: Eyes fixed on the future. A simple moment stops you, Surrounds you like a home: Eyes fixed on the now. Feelings. Senses. Sight. Smell. Contour.
Back when I was a ballerina I turned and twirled With leotards and pink tutus. I sautéed. I plied. I turned and went the wrong way on stage And provided plenty of laughs for my family.
Smears of rain on the glass Reflect my watery stare Tears slide off my cheeks And I think Where is the sun in this drudgery of rain Does it require surgery to cease the pain
To whom it may concern: What is it about me that frightens you? Is it the way I talk? The way I walk? The way I’m shy? If you really get to know me I am a nice and sweet guy.
Two happy people, or so it seemed She soon woke up Wishing it was just a dream.
I am aging gracefully as is my faith like the gray replacing the brown in my beard pesky questions have been quietly replaced not with answers
accusations against innocents crime against the colored fear, disgust, seclusion we take one step forward little by little were pushed two steps back continue to push continue to fight
Free at last, free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last! That’s what I want to say But it’s not the truth I mean the whole truth Civil Rights More than Dr. King Rosa Parks Malcolm X
The plight of the workers has not gone in vain. No, their everlasting effect is present still today,
Music thearapy for my body and soul More room for the new, sayonara to the old Same me, but wiser and bold often portrayed as heartless and cold my emotions are opposite of Django, chained and controlled
Foundations of these lands were marked by the free and the brave. Through history of the past, fights were fought to make others understand Settlement and sacrifice, journey through many cultures which made it grand
A woman sits in a chair reading her book, Something is on her mind, you can tell by her look. She turns the pages with caution, Her eyes set on the book with passion.
Silly girl You were once so Driven by your past Your daddy would get high And your mother would cry You wanted out of that life Then you forgot where you came from And partied like the ones before
The lights are on and everyone's staring expecting a performance. I open my mouth and I forget all the lyrics. I think I'm going to mess up and they're all going to laugh, but then I sing and my doubts are in the past. Is this real?
After all of these years, I thought I knew how to understand how you work. How we work. But, nevertheless, I am always blown away. In awe? Wonder? Disgust? No.
He never saw the point All he ever wanted was to kick, push, And coast at a skating joint Never did he saw the purpose of the tune Thought the black and white is simply doom
We all have door with a lock but no key We all have our secrets, our past, our deeds We've seen the ups and we've seen the downs We've seen our loved ones placed in the ground We've been scared and scarred
Everyday I’m stressing Trying to repress the excess Expression on their faces that makes me feel less of a person but more of a mess And coming from them hits hard to the chest
I just want to go away and never return. Stay free from all concern, But deep inside I'm afraid I will crash and burn. Possibly take a wrong turn, And be forced to make that apprehensive return.
"History repeats itself" a phrase in time that remains unctouched, just as the world of today! Live in life as we do, our past..forgotten we choose. Which apon us brings a uncertain future acompanied with no change.
Nobody grows up anymore They get caught up in disappointments Stuck in broken promises Rejected by scenes of what used to be.
I'm running through the woods The wind rushing through my hair I take a leap of faith Despite my knowing you're not there I cling to this thought Hold tight to my perfect picture of what if
Hey Life, Can I get a tall glass of success followed by two shots of accomplishments? Can I move forward? Can I reach my destiny? But first I must set free from the confinements of a broken family…
Even though you hate me I continuously look back to see if you miss me You spread your hatred for me to anyone who will listen You plaster your loathing for me so loudly that it's hard to ignore
Lovely, curly head This is you, in me form, Giving you a message simpler than a worm, Remember how you used to hate those? Lovely, curly head Don’t ever give up Don’t ever lose hope
Dimly lit and falsely advertised The Cafe stands on the foundation of what existed yesterday, The faded glory that used to flow freely is now dormant, Hindered and shrouded by years of aging.
Last night, in my slumber, I had a dream It was an American one, one of exceptional encouragement And oh the intricacy of this grand scheme So grand, the world knew it was nowhere near forspent
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