Five Years Ago

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 20:03 -- Bausome

Back then everything was so vivid,

I could remenber her face even though she had left.

The image was so clear,

its almost as if she stayed.

But now, only 5 years have passed

and I can't even remember her face.

Its as if alien came out of nowhere and just zapped my memories,

or maybe i just didnt care to begin with.

No, I cared, I definetly cared.

I was just so caught up with everything else in my life

I'd constanly forget to call her.

Tell her that I missed her.

But now even if I remember to call,

it doesnt matter, she won't pick up.

Five years ago if I really wanted

I could have flewn to California to see her face

but now, now thats just plain impossible.

I wish time could go back in reverse

just for five year, so i could tell her one more verse

or word or just to see her face again

just to be able to remember.



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