People These Days


People These Days
They are changing like leaves in the fall
And they leave you like
They don't need you at all...

I'm so sick, so tired of their stupid little names
Everyone's getting caught up in the LIFE game
I can't understand why we're all so blind
Trade your bad for the nice and the nice for the kind.

I want the real, the genuine you,
Everyone is living a life that ain't true.
Hear we go, spiraling outta control...
Getting sucked into lies like a big black hole.

There's more to you and me
But we're blinded by society
Open your eyes and see the beauty around us,
And focus your view on the people that surround us.

Listen to you mother, listen to your dad,
Listen to your heart and the voice you never had..
Look towards your dreams, and I promise you this...
You'll do great things, and your past you won't miss.


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