Another World

The condensation of expelled expressed emotion swirling my window pane.
Making the portal to another dimension shift ajar, to one which is much more comfortable.
One where those who you love, and those that hurt you are not one and the same.
One where they live forever, and there is no reason to feel at guilt.
Where everyone does all they can, but no one ever expects it.
Where everyone is pleasantly surprised, and never has the urge to cry.
One where you didn’t die, and we all lived together.
Where Mom, and you Dad, never gave up on each other.
One where there was no weakness, nor temptation
Where you didn’t over eat, and Morgan didn’t smoke weed.
One where Mom never lit a cigarette, and I never tried to end it all.
One where there is no tragedy, and the only travesty is the 49ers losing.
One where humanity is bound by love, not war nor greed.
One without religious extremists, and without breaking of ones creed.
Where all are not just basically good, but wholly good.
But sadly that world was taken from us all, by growing past our time.


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