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This space is cold
The name I chose
became the main chain-reaction to maintain with a brain too strange for the average face to smile at
so brace and don't
hate just cope
I came to hold
the whole world in a sling
when I sing a lullaby thing
and bring protection from under my wing
I'm no king or savior
I'm not here to judge behavior
I'm just here to take your
hand to ease you through the pain
a guide through the rain
a light so bright on the darkest nights
because life is like
sometimes its frozen in time
sometimes its hotter
at times it gets cloudy
at times its fast and roars loudly
But it's always moving forward
No looking back only towards
Twists, turns and bends and sends
Overwhelming sensations that seem to never end
But in the end you and me will be forever friends
You can confide in me
All the pain inside of me
Has no privacy
And if you feel down its okay you have the right to be
To just act out violently
But your beautiful I wish you could see what I can see
What a sight to see
I might just be
A monster but I don’t try to be
We'll shoot for the moon so if we don't make it
We'll be amongst the stars and the world we'll take it
And this tough situation we're placed in we'll escape it
They call us back to torment but we don't hear you
The best time I ever saw these evil people was in the rear view
So goodbye to the stress and depression
The problems and constant guessing
The past and hello to the present and
We can love ourselves today for who we are
And what we're representing
To give the entire fucking world a new impression
An expression of love and only intimate tension
Case closed end of discussion no more questions
I guess then we can both say we're blessed then
And the next time these deceitful heathens
Try to give us a beating for no good reason
We'll have the courage and the right words
To overcome all obstacles on our turf
Don't worry about the jumpy nerves
Because we're already flying with the birds
So free and undisturbed
Looking down on all the perps
If they try to pull us down they'll get burned and get hurt
And they'll tell us they're jealous of us
For being above us
And we'll just say it's okay because you can't touch us
And they'll have no choice but to love us



I wrote this during a real fucked up time. Just a bunch of crazy shit was going on and I had to be the one to keep my head up. So I wrote this poem (I usually don't write poems) to help me cope with my life at the time. So I hope it can make sense to you. If you feel misunderstood or violated, you're not alone.

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