Switch Up Your Perceptions and Your Emotions Will Follow


My Perspective Of Life  Would Be A Great Way To Change The Attitude I Have Right Now

That My Thoughts Lead To My Emotions, And My Emotions Lead To My Actions, Drowning In My Misery.

Wishing I could Turn Back The Clock And Bring Back The Enjoyment I Once Always Had About.

Everyone And Everything. Reduce The Thinking I have About Friends And Society. But Now I Know


Therapy Has Helped Me Discover More About Myself. Its Hard To Explain My Feelings And Forget

About My Mistakes.

I Got To Stop Seeing The Past Better Than It Was. The Present Worse Than It Is. And The Future Less

Resolved Than It Will be. My Journey To Find Sanity Is ESSENTIAL. Thanks To The Love Of My Family


My Boyfriend, Everything That I'm Going Through With This Mental Illness Will Decrease And I Will


At Ease And Everything I Will Be Thinking Will Trigger Euphoria Thats Waiting To Burst Out de mi corazón

Me Gusta El Sentimiento de estar presente y feliz

Las Cosas Que Es Necesario Para Mí y Para Ti


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