Good Enough

Death, the end to all beginnings and the beginning of some unknown extent.

Death, the answer to all problems that arise out of life as they never seem to end.

Life, expects us all to be perfect in the eyes of our peers even when the tears rush down your face

because your own mind has become your worst enemy and you begin to believe that you arent

good enough.


Fuck That.

You're more than good enough, more than a shining star, more than a tangible object tantilizingly attached to your heart. More than the labels you've had placed upon you, face it. Every time you've been called weak or critiqued and you cant speak without being called a freak or "basic". You wish to not bear life any longer, Just remember what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. In the end when you can say it was all worth the while, I hope you never spend a second where your face doesn't smile. As lonely as you feel while the pain becomes more and more real, remember you are not alone. For every second that I draw breath there will always be at least one person who understand what its like to want to die. But one day it will hit you like your father used to, that theres someone out there who needs your help and every day will become harder to cry, harder to not be happy with who you are as more than a shining star can not be erased by the black hole of 

Life, where by some miracle, the oppurtunity of happiness exists.




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