The Past You

Mon, 04/22/2013 - 01:28 -- Vear

I miss you
The you who cared
The you who was kind to us
I miss the past

Where childhood was such a thing that I could be blissful
In ignorance
Oblivious to the harm of the world crashing around me
So slowly
And as we grew you separated yourself from us
Devoting yourself
To people who didn’t care and stepped on you
Transforming yourself
You came out of it paranoid, afraid to get stepped on again
Smothered out
The kindness that I was so used to seeing, the trust that I had loved
You left
Replaced by someone who did not know what the person before had left
You died
I cried when I realized you didn’t mean to leave so suddenly

Those people do not deserve you
The ones who tore at your soul and devoured your kindness
The ones who made you forget that you could be trusted
Those people still try to hold you closer than you hold us now.


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