Trust Factor


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Can’t you see,
I’m trying to be optimistic.
Everything you did,
I try my hardest to forget it.
Don’t wanna hurt you
By acting like I’m so resented.
But we’ve done it before,
And our time you’d spend it,

Chasing she and her,
Which would you prefer?
We were together yesterday,
Was it all blur?
The moments that we had,
The times we laughed together,
Under the picture you made,
It’s you and her forever.

And I was single again,
Going through the hurt,
So stuck and confused,
Because I saw you first,
And you said that you loved me,
Was it all a lie?
I used to sit and wonder,
But I refused to cry.

I was lost for a while,
Because you were my heart,
I dreamed of being your ending,
But we couldn’t start.
You always said that you thought,
But, see you never asked,
Forget it all it’s over,
That was in the past.

This is the present,
Again you and I,
I want it to be better,
I want us to try.
No, it won’t be easy,
We both know it’s true,
Because my first task,
Is fully Trusting you.


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