Moving On Is Hard

Please Stay Out Of Mind,
Please Just Go Away,
As Soon As I Regain Composure,
And Take Every Memory Of You,
And Tuck It In That Safe In The Back Of My Mind,
After I Place Bandages On The Cuts On My Bruised Heart,
After I Delete You From My Life,
You Show Right Back Up,
And You Turn My World Upside Down,
And You Unlock The Safe,
And In Flood The Memories Of Your Lips,
Your Touch,
Your Scent,
Your Words,
Your Laugh,
The Memory Of How You Lit Up My World,
The Feeling Of You Taking My Breath Away,
Memories Of Your Body Pressed Against Mine,
Memories Of Than Unspeakably Exhilaration My Mind, Body, And Soul Felt,
And The Remembrance Of My Heart Shattering,
And Then You're Gone,
Then My Heart Aches All Over Again
Damn.. Who Knew Moving On Would Be This Hard.. 


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