Thu, 02/13/2014 - 22:05 -- RSalina

Staring at her past self

Evaporated Dreams

Waistline Increased

Color Dimmed

Snapshots of happiness

Endless Sunny Skies

Playful Fights


How old was she?

Frownlines Emerging

Young Smile

Happing Hips

Do you remember when I...?

Clumsy Laughter

Warm Hearts

Loud Secrets

If only I'd known...

Rushing Future

Bumpy Slopes

Hard Times

Too much, Too fast, Too hard

Bursting Sounds

Fist Slinging

Harsh Blood

Soon, she sits alone

touching the past

ever so slightly

a window to a time

lost in the hold of life

reminiscing of a time better than the present

and sometimes...

she wonders...


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