A heart breaker's secret

She would trace the outlines of his face while they slept, so she could remeber every detail. His kisses on her lips lingered for hours even if it was a peck hello or goodbye.His hand would place itself on her thigh gently when they were comfortable. To him it was nothing , to her it was blazing fire on her skin. He was her first great on , the first big love. She was falling in the pit of risk, back turned, eyes closed, dreaming to land in his arms. 


While she kept her virginity, he waited. Not until she was ready, but for when she was finally going to go all the way. He waited and waited until one day, in a rage of lust, he betrayed her trust because he had waited too long. Because for him time was a ticking time bomb. And of course she cried when she hit the concrete.


 Now numerous of men fall in love with her. Because her kisses linger for hours and she fucks for fun. Her touch is like blazing fire. To her this is nothing but to them its everything. Boys fall in the pit of risk, back turned, eyes closed just like she did. Women hate her because men so often fall for the same touched she once recieved. Girls call her a whore. Others call her a heart breaker.


But she isnt reall a heart breaker if shes heart broken...is she?




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