Standing, arms crisscrossed as the dead, I stand.

And now she let's lose in soft lips a coo

"Trust me"

"I'll catch you"

She's waiting, but I'm still standing


what -what if she doesn't?

Will I plummet to the fate of a broken skull?

What if she misses, or I am too heavy?

What happens then?

What if she's too far back? Do I die on the pavement?

What if she is distracted?

What if that bird way over there attacks such a lovely face?

What if ninjas pounce,

or lightning strikes,

and by god, what if a man eating spider plucks her off the ground?

"C'mon" she says

"I have you" she says

But what if she doesn't.

What if she is a liar?

What if.

What if I don't fall back. 

What does that make me?

A coward.

Sitting in a dark room too scared to find a light switch

for there is a chance it may not exist.

"Take a chance" She begs.

So I let go 

and I fell.





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