Let Me Drown

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 10:47 -- Crosby


I'm falling further from myself, 

Down into the depths that threatens,

To swallow me whole.

The water rushes about my face,

It fills in the space left by my body.

This is where I die.

It is here my old self shall expire, 

And a new self shall take life.

Don't lift me from my watery grave,

Lay me down in the currents,

It is here I shall be filled with a new spirit.

There comes a time to be born,

And there comes a time to die,

But somewhere they collide.

So I take one last breath,

Say goodbye to my past,

And sink beneath the waves.

No do not lift me out.

Let me drown.

It is here I shall receive life.

Let me drown.

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