Don´t stop Don´t drop

Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Keep goin on

even when live

tries to strive

after luck

don´t you see it looks like a Puck


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


there is an answer

for anything

you still searching like a King

for a thing

yeah upswing


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Yes I´m talking to you my Soldier

life is not like torture

even if everything seems like ordure

you´re wounded life gives you scars so you wish you could be on the Mars

but still you fought with your sword out in the drought

without losing your powerful thought


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Still the dreams that you chase in your race

you have the feeling that you looseyour pace

yeah that´s the case I can see it in your face

but still move like a dace

cause you´re not pitiful more merciful and extremly beautiful


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Your road yes you move foward like a toad

on your highroad with your workload

but don´t give up your priceless it looks so ageless

don´t ever think your nameless just because your so toneless

I don´t need to hear your voice it´s your choice you don´t have to speak no

you don´t look weak love every scar not even mine is that far


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Everything you saw is so raw

yes your battlefield is called your life

now your heart is so solid walled and unrivalled

cause every emotion every human sign

you locked it in

now it looks like a sin


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Even if you don´t see the end

please don´t beckbend

move forward yes straightforward

you go through valleys, sand dunes, mountains even hell

now you sit in your own cell

oh well

you feel

don´t stare dare be aware because it´s so rare


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Dear Friend can you see it´s your time to embrace your grace

take your peace don´t shake don´t be scared so unprepared

you deserve luck for your tranquility so purity

shows you how to survive

now finally you can be alive


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Don´t waste time on what could have been

Don´t speen over your scene because it is just another scheme

believe in yourself your identity gives you the ability

to show in a row who you are

that´s the key in the alley

your way is not just like another day in May


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


You´ve come so far


not in a car

you walked

and stumbled and maybe even shrumbled

but this way made you who you are

yes your are so rare

now you share so welfare

yeah your sparkle it´s all over the place even in my face

with such a apace


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Let your past behind

your future wears now a different tenure

Soldier your way brought you here so overwrought in your own drought

but you overcome every obstacle without ending in a debacle

now you got your tantacle to grip for your script

to read with your lips

to let everyone hear with their ears

what you were going through without landing in a trough so rough

you are freestanding

like you would companding sounds are now on fairgrounds


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Because every listener is now a deadener asked to keep goin on

like a Soldier a fighter a surviver now a diver always upriver not like a capdriver

more like a helldiver

through the storm not staying in your dorm like a ringworm

this war is not that far

you go out about to shout

never down you always wear your crown and walk through every town

well shown


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


You don´t need to shoot cause you´re not a coot

you´re not stupid you´re cupid

you use your words wise so you can uprise

and show

how good this life can be

without any flood with blood

cause you are a special Soldier who fights for deliberateness

for this wideness and fineness


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


Yes we have to search and long for a song that is headstrong and nightlong

so we will last and past this vast disaster because it is like a plaster

we have to go faster

fighting this cruel

because this gruel is disgusting

we guys need our self adjusting

ya this crime needs reprime because it has to be pastime

now it is time to end this rhyme


Don´t stop

Don´t drop


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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