Her Happiness

Her Happiness

By Adriana Gutierrez



Her body glowed with electricity.

Her heart soaring,

As she let out even breaths.


Raising her wrists in even strokes,

Fingers bedaubed in pigments of yellow and gold.

Traces of white dye staining her forehead,

Small droplets of sweat gathering at her hairline.


She sighed in relief,

the painting before her finally complete.


Tinges of pink, gold and orange ,

gathering around her body,

her eyes humming with retreating life.


She admired the sunset and all its glory,

A hidden novelty,

One people hardly take the time to enjoy.

A beauty one can only wish to grasp,

This image now to be imprinted upon her soul.


Leaving the orange stained ocean,

Retreating from the stainless window,

Withdrawing from the world she once knew.


She knew there would be no way back,

That she would not be welcomed once she turned.

She knew this, and yet...

She didn't mind risking it all.


Because love is a fleeting thing,

An emotion that when caught needs to be held onto.


This she knew all to well,

because what everyone else can't see,

passed there judgemental stares

is that when he smiles,

he makes her fragile life worth living.





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