You are ridiculous


There will come a time when I have to let you
Really let you go
By that I mean you will be gone
You will no longer be in my thoughts
I have let you go before
For a year we didn’t talk
I did not think of you
And to be honest
I was a lot better that way
You bring out the worst in me
You fill me with memories
That I no longer care about
And that make me mad at myself
Because I know I can do better
Of myself and for myself
But somehow you always worm your way back in
And that is my fault
For some reason
I want you to let me go
That is what you did so long ago
You let me go
And you did not look back
But you came back
You thought I would be waiting for you
Well you were wrong
Why would I wait for someone
Who left me for someone else




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