Vulnerable Again


United States
40° 9' 50.7276" N, 89° 22' 46.5024" W

When things weren't so complicated
When words weren't hidden meanings
And we were raw human beings?

When "I love you" meant
I love you
and "I do" meant "I do"

That's what was between me and you

That time when our emotions were raw
Maybe they were raging like the sea
But we saw
Them for what they really were

They weren't hidden
They were in plain sight
Clear as a glass ball

And yeah
I did fall
Head first and bottoms up

But not blinded
Never blinded
I knew what you were feeling
And I knew what I felt
I saw it from the beginning till the

End of the matter is that's all I want
For words to be raw
For those emotions that I saw
To be unleashed again

Because yeah
We are people made up of flesh and blood
But we've also got souls
And I just want you to know
that I'm baring mine to you


Without precedence



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