Disunited States

Fri, 04/14/2017 - 13:12 -- Suzzann

In these Disunited States

We're always concerned with such petty things as

Left or right

Black or white

This or that

Always a choice, never a compromise.


Once, we spoke softly

And carried a big stick.

Now, we're screeching

And carrying a Glock.


In these Disunited States

We bicker amongst ourselves

As our nation

falls around us

Because everyone wants to be their own country.


Once, we had nothing to fear

But fear itself.

Now, we show our cowardice

As victims of the world.


But oh, how I wish

That we could come together

Stop being so foolish

And change for the better.


That we are one nation.


That there's no need for tension.

Avoid the body bag

And salute the flag.


United we stand.

America is on its knees.

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My country
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