Past Into Present

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 11:51 -- Pixxie

Today is the day that I realize past events have still not been overcome.

Not only the bad but also the good.

Reminiscent feelings of the past spring up to the present.

Like a tsunami overtaking each chakra one layer at a time.

Buried in the dark crevices of the mind to seep out to the light.

This unwavering vibe of reality and perception slam into the third eye.

All becomes clear while clouded by occurring delusions.

As it seeps in and out of the soul transforming into a subtle tornado.

Every fiber of ones being erupts into acceptance.

Weaving in out of the clouds to resolve all that was hidden.

Accepting the thought of moving on as a mirage.

Learning that forgetting is not understanding.

Lessons are left to be taught forever and always.

The emotional growth which comes is so painful and peaceful.

If only administered correctly.

Without fear, without doubt, without bias, without rejection.


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