Past Situation


We were friends back, years ago

Back When She was a awkward nerd and my hair was nappy.

Now We're all grown up, reunited,

And All I want is to make her happy.

My mind goes into visions of being her savior, her dark knight, her DA-dun-dun Batman!

She vents tears of insecurities,

and tells me about how she has troubles staying loyal to her man.

I'm whisper to her in my cool guy voice

"Baby this is me and you now, and that was you and them, then."


I fell Hard! She was my first first EVER love song.

Cause before her I danced around like Pinocchio, with no strings attached.

Little did I know, that she, was stringing me along.


The whole time I was played and punked.

She stabbed me in the back and brought my ego down.

You only call it love because eventually you hit the ground.


But In hindsight....

In retrospect...

I wouldn't change the situation.


Cause before her I was thirsty for sex,

Now I'm hungry for conversation.


I'm standing up for having Standards.

Looking for the queen I deserve.

A woman who thought process if outta this work and has a mind with SPACE to grow.

A woman who gives good brains

and that’s not an innuendo.


So goodbye to the past; I’ll let it be

I wouldn't change the past situations for the better

Cause the situations bettered me.




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful poem

great reflection

live and learn

very descriptve, can feel the words as you were writing this poem

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