The True Story of My Life

I often wondered why my parents never realized

That I felt pain everytime they argued and fought

The resentment I felt when I had to constantly watch my youngest brother

The turmoil I felt when I had to keep the secret of my mom cheating on dad


I felt as if I was forced to grow up too soon

My youngest brother had severe autism so he was difficult to deal with

I love my brother and parents, I really do

I just can't help the resentment I feel when I have to watch him


My parents separated when I was only ten years old

My oldest brother went with dad that day

I couldn't help but feel slightly angry at my parents

For causing my siblings and I to chose which one of them to stay with


I often wonder if I am selfish and ungrateful

For the resentment, anger, and turmoil that I have felt over the years

I also often wonder why I hate dad so much

When mom was the one who cheated on him


Never have my dad cheated on mom, not even when they separated

While she had a boyfriend while they were still together

She and dad still bad mouth the other whenever one of us kids are near

And it makes me just so angry


Dad talks about how mom is a horrible mother

And mom calls dad many, many names

Mom's boyfriend is actually quite pleasent actually

And he loves us like we are his own


He just can be a bit annoying at times

But he makes mom and my youngest brother happy

And he worked real hard to earn my trust

So he is okay in my books


I actaully wanted to live with dad once

It ended horribly though when I told dad

Mom ended up screaming and crying

While dad was angry


My parents aren't really that bad though

Dad never raised a hand to any of us, including mom and her boyfriend

Mom is wonderful and kind and sweet

They are my parents and I love them very much


So even though they tore me apart

And made me feel as if I had to grow up sooner

I love with them with all my heart

For they are my parents






This poem is about: 
My family


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