Stagnant Thought

I am always thinking, always contemplating problems in life

I always has a thought, an opinion, or something to say

Never did I falter for an answer

Then one day she walked in

And her eyes met mine

Total silence




My head went blank for the first time

I strained for something to say or do,

but all that came out were dumb remarks

It was as if I had been drugged

It scared the hell out of me


I didn't mind it though



I don't mind having nothing to say

She's an inexpressible work of art

There are no words

Only feelings


With eyes that hold the sky and ocean

How could I not get swallowed in their vastness


With a laugh that vanquishes reality

How could my thoughts not be lost


With such a strong smile

How could I not feel weak

How could I not hide behind paper

To say all this


How magnificent is a girl to be

...       As to halt me in every way

~ Monsieur Stylo



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