I reside in a nest of twigs

There is a spot on the bed

Next to you

My nest

snaps under my weight

The twigs

They punture my back


You are worlds away

And I 

am merely in a life-like dress

That flows down your house

as blood trickles down my spine


You only stare


You ask to be inside 

of me

But I tell you

I am only the ghost

of the woman you met last summer


I am not warm

I am not here


Your hands indent marks

on my skin

My body is scarred

But if only you could see

My insides

Sprawled on the floor


How oblivious

How ignorant

How silent

You are

Towards all I have become


I'm pounding obscenities

into your walls

And you can only stare

at my tangles of hair

Matted to my face

and my neck






So I stay

Where else would I go

At least here

I have my place

My nest

next to you 

The stranger in your clothes


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