Trees, the wind blows through them; 

and all I hear is applause. 

"What do you hear?" she asks,

"do you hear the laughter, and the happiness I do?

Do you hear the children playing?

The joy in the hearts of loving husbands and wives?"

"No," he says. "No I do not. I hear quite the opposite:

I hear the crinkle of decrepit leaves, and 

the shriek of a baby zebra with no hope of life, 

his mother shot, 

and sold for a million dollars

as an unidentified species. 

The same million dollars that would have been ours. 

What happened to us?" He asks. 

"laughter" she replies, "happiness. I found joy in my heart. 

I realized the beauty in children playing, and climbing trees."

Trees, that the wind blows through. 

And when I reach the top, 

all I hear is applause. 


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