Despite the Past, I Choose

What good is it to first love you

When love was never dealt?

Why should I seek to put you first

If the same has not been felt?


But who am I to make that call,

And desire to receive,

A love that cannot be deserved

But freely given sacrificially?


Because I love you I will choose

To forgive the hurt and pain.

I’ll look past the scars and aim to see

The chance to heal and mend.


Because I love you I will choose

To put your needs before my own.

Even though my ways are selfish,

I choose to love and make it known.


Because I love you I will choose

To be honest and sincere,

That way you know just how I feel

So again you would be near.


More than all these things I know

You are still valued and secure.

I choose to see the best simply because

My love for you endures.

This poem is about: 
My family


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