Ode to Yesterday

You are the aching breaths

The struggling steps i’ve taken to the healing powers in tomorrow

Tears marked with death

You no longer have control over my sorrows


This is an ode to the mess that you’ve left us in

This is an ode to my earth shattering rage that resides in my bones

To the tears falling down my face and off of my chin

Onto the hardwood floors I stand upon, looking at the stepping stones,


That I made with you, as a child of nine

That number is one more digit added to the total of years you betrayed us with

I hope you know that i’m right on the borderline

I hope you know that you have landed in my list of fairytales and myths


Because there’s no possible way that you could be

It’s all a cliche

The dad I need

Only existed in yesterday


This is to my lungs

Helping me to breath

When you hear my words unsung

Still raw, my scars have much depth


This is my ode to that yesterday

You know the one,

when the vows you took, you threw away

turned them to ash, there’s no going back, it’s over; it’s done.


This poem is about: 
My family


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