Lead Crowns and Copper Clouds


There's a girl I knew

Who wore a curtain over her face

That blurred the person underneath

And stole her precious personality


She lived on cloud 9

In a house made of broken hearts

Surrounded by people with lead crowns

Who whispered in her ear


Every day she walked past me

And my special little box

That was made of paper walls

And warnings she didn't hear


One day she met a boy

Who breathed blue smoke

And lived in a laughing abyss

Where they made a deal


He promised her heaven

Where they would ride on copper clouds

And float on eternity's shoulders

While the ground dissolved like tears


Then it all started to happen so fast

She burned down my paper walls

While a girl in a skirt stole her crown

And the boy ran away on their copper clouds


I couldn't breathe in all the blue smoke

She couldn't stand to hear my warnings

The boy fell off eternity's shoulders

And we were all dragged down


Everyone wears a curtain over their face

It's sad how much they love it

Until the illusion is torn down

Dancing to a different beat



Ooooooh I like this a lot!! Great imagery and better message!

The Darcy Perspective

Thank you very much. I have a voice, I want to get out there as a writer, but not just any writer. I want this to be personal for people, and for them to understand.

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