The pain from forever ago


Sitting at lunch among my group of friends

All of them, laughing until their hearts content

Their smiles so bright it seems they never witnessed hardship

Then there's me, feeling like I have lost it

I wish to laugh just like they but I feel like i am standing under a cloud of gray

The world moves around me as I stand in limbo

The emotional pain has done its job and here I am trying to feel again

It took me a while to be in peace with who I am

I have changed but that does not mean the past defines who I am

My eyes are wider and I observe more clearly

It is time I feel more freely

It begins with a step at a time,

to understand someone does not heal so fast

The girls that shred my self esteem from forever ago

Are now forgiven, for they have apologized.

I come to think about it, I am not the same person from a year ago

I may not laugh like I did before and I am perfectly alright

The past year changed me into a person who is more warm hearted and understanding,

I have finally let go of the unchilling past

And the time is now, to be the free soul, I long yearned to have.

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