Maybe One Day It'll Get Better


His feet were hard and calloused

Probably because he had no shoes

Torn and stained courdaroy pants

Worn for the past 2 weeks

Cracked mug found in the dumpster

Filled with loose change

But never nearly enough

Never enough to buy clothes

Or even a blanket

He had nothing

The closest thing to warm he knew now...

Was the long wintercoat he wore over a soiled tee

He migrated from place to place

First it was a little green bench on the sidewalk by a little jewelry shop

Then it was a little space along the railing of a park

Always temporary

Dreaming of the days before his lowest point

Constantly dreaming

Dreaming of food

Hoping it will satisfy at least a little bit of his hunger

But finds it does the opposite

Sometimes he goes days without eating

Saving up other people's loose change

Sad, tired eyes that look off into the distance

Not focusing on any one thing

Because to look on them,

Is to see what he once had

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