I am scared,

Not of the monsters in the closet

Or the ones under the bed,

But the ones that are in my head

Battling to the death to find an answer

For the sickening cancer growing in our hearts,

Tearing our love apart.

How can you not see the wrong

That's been going on for so long

And now that it's over, 

There's nothing to fix?

Say we cover whats broken

And move on,

But for how long can we continue living like this?

I, for one, can not

Because my heart is what is broken 

And I'm tired of the anger and pain

Now don't think all this was in vain

Beacause it was beautiful

But even the most beautiful gardens wilt and die

Withered away to a broken heart

That can't be spoken for

-But, I love you, so this is not good bye

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