I Do Not Hate You

I do not hate you.

I used to think so, in the darkest hours

Of the night, with salt in my mouth

And wet streaks on my cheeks

But now, removed

I think only of the times we shared

Laughs and kisses

Of my hand on your cheek

Your head in my lap

I remember, once

How you used to feel

About me

You saw past the 

Outside of me

Saw it as nothing

As incosequential


I do not hate you.

I can't

Not with the way you

Gave me strength

Made me feel like I was everything

And nothing

Feel like I was good

And bad

In equal measure

And did not judge me

Because you were the same

Same feelings

Like the same page of the same book

You thought what I knew


I do not hate you.

Not for the way

You ended things

I understand

I asked for it

Because you were strong enough

To know we were done

I did not want to be done

Because you made me feel

Like more than me

But you were right


I do not hate you.

I do not hate you, because I once loved you

And you once loved me

And that was enough




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