All These Little Things


And all these little things
They build up inside 
Turning your light into dark
They rupture the protective wall 
That we think saves us from all the hurtful things 
Except that it doesn't 
All these little things 
They build up inside
Every hurtful word uttered 
By the ones you love the most pile up 
All these little things
They build up inside 
It turned your naive-ness to bitterness
And now all that's left is a cold heart
You piled your little things on top of mine
Making the weight that much more heavy
I tried to sweep them away
But your bitterness was too avenging
The scars that you have made more than triple the scars you have
And now the condescending way you say my name
Makes me regret you that much more
All these little things
They build up inside
You can't take back what happened
It will always be our past
But all the little thing really do build up inside
That's why I can't even look at you now
you ruined me 
All of the things you said became part of my little things
All these little things
They build up inside
now our credits are rolling
Take a bow and one last look around
Because now it's all just a terrible memory. 


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