The Use of My Curtain

Sat, 11/29/2014 - 18:18 -- anny212


Abandoned, left alone

Sullen, with a heavy heart

Smiling in the play of life is just a part

Yet this curtain makes that all unknown


My best friend that had flown

Hit by a truck, never to see another day

Mourning for that lost every May

Yet this curtain makes that all unknown


From that dreadful past I have grown

Learned to be happy when faced with difficulties

Even when plagued with dreadful memories

Yet this curtain makes that all unknown


“I have never seen you sad.”

“Why do you smile so much?”

“How can you be everyone’s crutch?”

“Do you ever get mad?”


Do you believe I’m an angel with wings?

Does the perfection I project

Really have that effect?

Am I not human as to not feel these things?


Yes, I am emotional but it does not show

Displays of emotion can make you get hurt

When broken, you feel lower than dirt

And hit rock bottom from just one blow


I have been to depths of depression

I have felt what it was like to be alone

Cold, deep down to the bone

Yet, that did not stop my progression


I, who gets joy from a baby’s smile

I, who cries when another cries

I, who uses a disguise

I, who you only know for a while


This person that I have shown

So that you don’t regard me with pity

So that my past seems pretty

I use my curtain to make it all unknown


So yes, pay no attention

To that girl behind the curtain

For the reason she is there is certain

So that there is no bad past to mention 


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