Love and pain is all know!

Love is pain was all I was shown.

I rode The night horror train. 

Was something like a picnic on Elm St was all I gained.

Left me scared for life

Or scared for many nights.

  Secluded on a island of deep depression.

But why on this ominous island I learn a bittersweet taste of a lesson

 Nothing like your first time..

No training that year but I caught the round year flu...

With anxiety, sweats sleepless nights, and temps above the imagineable ..
Knocked me down like a title with fight THE GREAT Mike Tyson ,

She Had me Tap danicing like I was one of the Jacksons..

As the story goes on..

I begin to prolong, the feeling of

Going through the motion as a Cali-surfer.

Beauty had me green and flipping like the TMNT(Ninja)Turtles.

Lost in abysss of terror.

I don’t want to be alone or have to settle for less.

But what I encounter.

I thought my foundation was sturdier than effiel tower

But got lost looking at the moon while left traveling on a mountain...

Look time flies and im no longer sipping from the youth Fountain

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