Put the past away...

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 21:20 -- alsayad


I put the past behind me
I put the past away
I put the lies, the regrets, the mistakes ive made
I put those nights, that 9, those tripple 6s away
Cuz i Realized the boyz that made me laff an I embraced
just werent the same
As those boyz that made me cry
cuz they put the truth to my face.
The very ones that held my weight
Just so id have today
Just so I wouldn't be six feet deep
Or a cell away
I could walk threw hell
and walk around with a smile the next day
A smile that hides the darkest mysteries
The secrets the shit ive seen
But thats history
My one love, my hurt, my pain
I'd stand out in the dark an rain
Just reminiscing
Im tired of wishing
I could go back
And changing this an that
And even tho we can't forget
We can put the past behind us..
We can put the lies, regrets, and mistakes we've made
We can put the past away....


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