Even Though You Will Never Know

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 21:24 -- Severia

There are times I scream out to the stars,

Thinking of you and all these times, so hard.

Wishing you could hear my plea and maybe be there for me.

Even though it's been forever,

Even though we've barely spoke,

There are times when I wish I could simply extend my hand,

And you would take it.

Twining our fingers together like string.

There are things inside that only your hand can fix,

Thinking of all the blood that was shed without it.

Wishing you could feel my heart needing yours.

Even though we've been apart,

Even though it may be seen as crazy,

There are times where I still need you.

And you will probably never know.

As the things inside that I couldn’t fix slowly unwind.


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