Battle Scars ~ 16 April 2013


These Battle Scars

dont look like they are fading

as they sit on the skin 

of a damaged girl.

And everytime she looks 

in the mirror

they are the first thing 

she see's.

These Battle Scars

aren't ever going away

as they hide under the skin

of a broken boy,

Everytime a door slams 

or someone raises a voice,

he flashes back to the days

when a family was broken

and fought day after day

only to stay together.

These Battle Scars

fill us with pain

as they try hard not to fade.

And even if we don't see them now,

we all have them.

And one day we all look

down and say

These Battle Scars

will start fading. 


Darlene Gray

thank you

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