Dear Little Kaylee

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 18:57 -- Kettle

Dear Little Kaylee,

If only you knew what your future holds,

Your accomplishments, your heartbreaks,

Your best and worst moments.

You will encounter hardships,

But they will shape your character

Into something otherwise impossible.

You will spend hours crying on your step-mother’s shoulder,

Whom will always be there for you

As if you are her own.

You will also accomplish so much.

One day, you will be the top reader in your class.

One day, you will realize you always have A honor roll.

One day, you will be the beautiful princess of a play.

One day, you will attend college

While you’re still a high school freshman.

You will always be loved and cherished by your family,

No matter how much they make you want to scream.

It will take a while for you to build your self-confidence,

And for your social side to seem normal.

Even after all these things, you will still have so much in store.

Through everything you will experience,

Always remember what matters most.

You are unique, and that’s what makes you perfect.

You have God by your side, who will make sure



You, in fifteen years


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