I look at my legs and I see all my scars

Somtimes they're as vivid as my nightmares

Sometimes they're as invisible as that little girl was made to feel

I look at my arms and I see exhausted veins

I used to wish they would run dry 

The thumping of my pulse made me restless

I look into my eyes and I see fear

I see my past creeping through 

I hear the ringing echoes of lies and haunting words 

Eating away at what's left 

Every lie, every hurtful word, every jab at my heart is 

imprinted on my body 

Carved into my flesh 

I can choose not to look 

But they will always be there 

Trying to lure me in 

That little voice will whisper I am changed 

With a wicked smile the past will grab me by throat 

The little voice will grow angry 

and rip away 

Take back everything and run free 

Beause she deserves it 

and he cant take that away

She too is beautiful whether she sees it or not 

she's worthy

she's strong

she's a survivor 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life presents many things

its what you do everyday in persevering through any hardships

keep writing

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